Who Would You Want To See Star In Space Jam 2?

“Who would I choose? I would probably pick Blake Griffin.” said Michael Jordan.


Space Jam will always have a special place in my heart. I still have the VHS in my house to this day. Space Jam 2 recently got the green light and I just hope they do it right. Don’t ruin the movie of my childhood. LeBron James was tabbed to be the star of the show in the upcoming sequel directed by Justin Lin.

Michael Jordan was recently asked at a basketball camp if he could chose anyone to star in the next Space Jam, who would it be? His answer came as a surprise, Choosing Blake Griffin to put on the Tune Squad jersey to take on the Mon$tars.

Who from the NBA would you want to see in Looney Tune Land?


I feel LeBron is the perfect man for the job. I thought he was hysterical starring in “Trainwreck”. Let my boy J.R. Smith play the Bill Murray role and you have an instant classic.

Get it done Warner Bros.

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