The Amanda Knox Documentary Reminded Me That This Could Happen To Anyone And That Scares Me

Who killed Meredith Kercher?


Credit: Netflix

Last night, I decided to watch Amanda Knox on Netflix and it not disappoint. For a refresher, Amanda Knox was an American student who was charged with the 2007 murder of her housemate, Meredith Kercher, in Perguia, Italy. Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, who was also charged with murder, spent almost four years in prison before they were acquitted in 2011. After an Italian appeals court recharged Knox and Sollecito in 2014, Italy’s Supreme Court overturned the murder convictions, officially closing the case. Watch the powerful trailer for the documentary below.

****If you wish to watch the documentary before hearing what I have to say so you can form your own opinion first, stop reading right now.****

Powerful, tense trailer for a spine-tingling and gut-wrenching documentary. First and foremost, true crime movies/ documentaries are at an all-time high. Making a Murderer, OJ: Made in America and The Jinx all proved that you don’t need to make up an elaborate story to generate interest. Give people real life stories with real life people. Have the viewers feel the raw emotion of the characters and make them decide what to believe. Amanda Knox was no different.

It was hard to remember some of the details going into the documentary, but I knew who Amanda Knox was and I bet you had at least heard of her name, too. I totally forgot about the third suspect, Rudy Guede, and how he is the only one out of the three that is still in jail. Well now you get her side of the story with input from Raffaele Sollecito, the lead Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, journalist Nick Pisa, and more. You really get to see how people from different perspectives, whether involved in the case or as a spectator, viewed this terrible tragedy and the crazy aftermath that followed.

Knox and Sollecito, 2007. Telegraph

I had two takeaways from this documentary. The first one is the realistic ramifications of the saga. THIS STORY COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE! Girl studies abroad. Girl meets local boy. Girl falls in love. Girl gets caught up in bad situation. Girls gets scared by police in foreign country. Girl ends up in jail. It doesn’t have even have to be a girl. It could be a boy in this situation. This is obviously a horror story, but it is a horror story that could happen to anyone. Imagine being jailed in a foreign country with an ocean separating from you and your family? I have never spent time in jail, but I can’t even think about doing time in a foreign jail without getting a sick feeling in my stomach. It’s scary to comprehend. It’s easy to get into a bad situation. It’s hard to get out of one.

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the Spring of 2014. During this time, Knox and Sollecito were convicted of murder again by an appeals court.  Although Florence is about 2 hours north of Perguia, this new trial was being held in Florence. I wasn’t located near the courthouse so I won’t say I was on the front lines of battle, but it was still crazy to think that the trial of a murder that happened seven years ago was still relevant in the very city that I was staying in.

Meredith Kercher

The second biggest takeaway is how the media can shape a case. If you watch the documentary, you will see how things spun out of control. Nick Pisa talked about how this case became juicier and juicer for the media to cover. The questionable myspace pictures, the nickname “Foxy Knoxy,” Knox’s journal in prison, etc. It became a race to write the best scoops or catchy headlines in order to beat out the competition. I understand that journalists have to report on what they are being given. That’s there job, and I understand that they have to do it to the best of their ability. That being said, does a line have to be drawn somewhere? Two people in their early 20s are struggling in jail while the general public is reading details of private diary that included a list of Knox’s lovers. An innocent girl lost her life, but all we care about is how Amanda was kissing her boyfriend the next day. Whether you believe them or not, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito lost eight years of their life. How can they get those years back? Knox is literally fighting for her life, and some outlets said that Knox “could use hair and makeup, but I guess you don’t get that in jail.” Wait, what? Just another example of how the media can get crazy and take things too far.

A 21 year old student was brutally murdered. A family is left to wonder if they will ever get justice for their deceased daughter. Frankly, I don’t think we will ever find out who truly killed Meredith Kercher. Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and put things into perspective.

Go watch Amanda Knox and decide one thing: Innocent or guilty?


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