MFC’s Hot Picks Of The Week: College Football Week 7

Let’s Make Some Money



Boys, welcome back to Matty A’s aka MFC’s Hot Picks of the Week. This week presents a much tougher slate of games to pick from, but if you massage the numbers and use your brains (or whatever is left of them) there are some lines to be exploited. I decided to break them down into categories and include games for all times so that us gambling degenerates can freak out at the TV all day:


The Last Supper: Arkansas (+8) over Ole Miss 7:00 pm

This is definitely a tough one to pick, but Arkansas is way better than people think. Chad Kelly may be a DB, but the dude can flat out ball. However, the Razorbacks seem to have this team’s number every year. Brett Bilemna sucks, but the man knows how to coach and how to be the most annoying team in history to play against. They’ll probably lose the game, but not by more than 8.

Corn-Fed Whiteboy Bowl: Nebraska (-3) over Indiana 3:30pm

A lot of people are real high on Indiana after some of their recent games, but you can count me out of that group. This is a basketball school and they aren’t even good at that. Nebraska is usually a pain in the ass to play. Plus, the dudes are 5-0. Eat boys.

Pay Me Now Bet: Illinois (-5.5) over Rutgers 12:00pm

Rutgers hasn’t scored a point in its last two games and has let up over 130 points in that span. Illinois may not be Michigan or OSU, but they sure aren’t the steaming pile of shit that is Rutgers. Let it be known that RU is my second favorite team, but man do they suck. I’ve made a small fortune betting against them this season and I don’t expect that trend to stop anytime soon. This is a King 2 Ducie hand so pot that SOB.


High Risk, Elbows Deep Bet: North Carolina MONEY LINE over Miami (+260) 3:30pm

Who has a set of balls between their legs? This bet is for those men only. NC is an 8 point underdog (how?), but the Heels should be favorites in the game. With odds like these, you’d be an idiot not to take it. The points could also be a nice bet here. If you’re betting points, take the over on 62 because the Heels know how to score. This is a risky ass bet, but man up and grow a set.

EASY Money: Alabama (-12.5) over Tennessee 3:30pm

No description necessary. The Bama boys eat. Plus, I’m so sick of looking at Butch Jones. If Tennessee wasn’t overhyped every year and didn’t proceed to crap the bed, I wouldn’t be saying this. The Vols barely beat App St and needed a hail mary to beat Georgia, who was missing Nick Chubb. I hate Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin, but they know how to win and they will win big.

Night Game: Irish (-3) over Stanford 8:00pm

Yeah, I’m a homer. The last bet I put on the Irish didn’t go so well. I lost $1,200 and almost killed a small child. However, this game is always decided by the refs and that clearly favors the home team (see 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, etc). McCaffrey probably isn’t playing and you better believe ND is coming out UNDER THE LIGHTS on a mission. DRINK ALL THE BEERS! GO IRISH! BEAT DUKE! (sore subject)


Let’s get this money!


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