Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 15 – The Boys Go To The Prom

The Daily Mix Report is now your new home for relationship advice…what?


Episode 15 is here and we got another good one, folks.

The biggest topic of discussion was prom and in particular, prom proposals. We have absolutely NO idea how we go down these so called romantic tangents. The three of us combined are not Young Casanovas by any means, but somehow we’ve had some great discussions about women and dating. I’m still baffled as to how these conversations start, but that’s the Daily Mix Report for you. We tackle all topics.

The wedding proposals episode was surprisingly a big hit and the prom proposals might have out done it.Β We all got into how everyone asked their date to prom. We all had different proposals and gave each other grades on our performances. Once again, LTS continued to feed us gold and his prom proposal story did not disappoint. Hint: take a look at the picture. This debate got heated.

It was also Poker Night in the dungeon so the gang talks about playing cards, our NFL Picks contest, the successor to Mike Francesa, and J.R. Smith getting his money.



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