The Affair Is One Of The Best Shows On Television

Go watch it now

The Affair

Every so often, a show comes around that soon becomes an obsession in my life. I’m more of a movie guy in general, but there are a few TV shows that I truly consider “great” in every sense of the word. The acting, the writing, the character development, the storyline, the twists, the turns. Basically, the show is as close to perfect as you can get. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are the two shows that come to mind that I describe as great shows. Well, there’s a new show to the club and its name is The Affair.

“Wait, what is The Affair? I’ve never heard of it.”

That’s usually the response when I tell people to watch The Affair. The Affair used to be “that show that follows Homeland” on Showtime. Now, it’s “that show that is better than Homeland.” It’s a shame that it does not have the popularity as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, but The Affair deserves the same recognition, if not more. It’s that good and its about to enter its 3rd season.

Since most of you have probably never heard of the show, here is the Season 1 Trailer.

The Affair is about an affair (No shit, Sherlock!), but it’s so much more than that. The show is told in flashbacks. You get to see the inner workings of how an affair begins and how the infidelity affects the people that are closest to you. Each person has their own reason for entering an affair. The long marriage that begins to stall. The high school sweethearts who can never get over a tragedy. I am not married, but you hear about these problems everyday, which makes the show that much more relatable. Real life people going through real life shit. While the affair is going on, there’s this lingering “problem” in the present day that the viewer is trying to figure out. Think crime related. That’s all I’ll say.

What makes the show so unique is how the story is presented. The story is originally told from two different viewpoints, Noah and Allison. So the first half is from one person’s viewpoint and the second half is from the other person. What show does this? It’s so creative. People choose to remember what they think happened and not necessarily what truly happened. That’s the basis of The Affair. Noah and Allison are involved in an Affair, but they each see their actions and responses in a different light, which is why their stories are different. It’s like when Noah tells the story, he is the angel and Allison is the seductress and when Allison tells the story, she is innocent and Noah is guilty. We all do this in real life. It makes the viewer think about who to believe.

The Affair
The Affair

The writing is absolutely spectacular. I always say that The Affair is the best written show on television and that’s a fact. Every detail is accounted for and every question has an answer. Every scene has a purpose. I never walk away from an episode saying “I hope they tie up that loose end or answer that question” because I know that my prayers will be answered. While the writing is excellent, the acting is just as great. Some episodes, you feel for Noah and his wife, Helen. Other episodes, you might feel for Allison and her husband, Cole. Frankly, some episodes you hate all of them, but every character has a secret and the show takes you on a long journey to figure them out. I’ll also get this simple recognition out of the way. Noah is McNulty from The Wire. Cole is Charlie Conway from The Mighty Ducks. Maura Tierney is Abby from ER.

After reading this all, I still don’t think I have done this show justice. It’s so unique that it’s sometimes hard to explain. All I can say is watch it. You will NOT be disappointed. I have recommended this show to numerous friends and family members and they have all said the same thing: The show is amazing and I’m addicted. This show will bring friend groups together (s/o to MR) and will be the topic of conversation of many group chats.

Lucky for you, the 3rd season debuts on Sunday, November 20. That leaves you 1 month to binge watch 22 episodes. That is a piece of cake. Basically 1 show a day. You can do it.

Also, if you end up watching the show, I expect a “Thank you, DG” sometime in the near future. No pressure or anything.

P.S. ONE OF THE BEST THEME SONGS EVER. Sink back into the ocean, sink back into the ocean.

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