MFC Picks Of The Week: College Football Week 9

After his first rough outing of the year (2-3), MFC returns with his picks for a stacked slate of College games.


Here we go boys. Last week wasn’t so kind to us, (2-3) but this week brings a whole new series of games. Lets get after it. MFC’s picks of the week.

1) The Mr. Irrelevant bet: Boise State (-14) over Wyoming

I can’t imagine Wyoming is an imposing football power. Boise State, on the other hand, is like a walking high-school sports movie, where the cheerleader and QB get married and everyone lives happily ever after. Those SOBs even have blue grass. On a serious note, Boise St is good and Wyoming isn’t. 14 is too low.

2) The SEC East is a Joke bet: Tennessee (-13.5) over South Carolina

I know I’ve taken every opportunity possible to rip Tennessee, but South Carolina is in a dark spot right now. Those cocks wouldn’t know a top 25 ranking if it was lathered in southern tide apparel and the whole Ray-ban & Croakies combo. Take Tennessee here. They’re too talented.

3) The North Pacific IPA Tasting Festival bet: Washington State (-13) over Oregon State

Mike Leach is the man and everyone should know it. Not only does he act like a man with zero shits to give, but he produces results on the field when it matters. Washington State has had a great year while Oregon State remains one of those teams that everyone looks at and goes “who the hell would ever want to go there.” Mike Leach was really all I needed to pull the trigger. The dude is a living legend.

4) The SJS Bet: Penn St. (-13.5) over Purdue

The boys over at PSU are feeling great and they’re ready to keep the momentum rolling against a weak Purdue crew. Purdue as a whole has been in question the past few years, and I really don’t see the upside of that roster. Penn state wins on talent and momentum here.

5) The Primetime bet: Clemson (-4.5) over FSU

My only initial hesitation with this bet is this game is played at Doak Campell Stadium, and those fans get up for games. However, Clemson is the better team. QB play and Wayne Gallman coming back from injury are the difference here. Eat fellas.



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