I Trusted Sam Bradford In My Survivor League. What Do You Think Happened?


The 5-1 Vikings vs. The 1-6 Bears. The Vikings were coming off of an embarrassing loss to the Eagles and the Bears lost 26-10 to the Packers. Because of all of these circumstances, I decided to take the Vikings in my survivor pool. Already $45 in the hole, I needed a W.

Fast forward 3 hours.


I hate gambling.

Talk about a real kick in the nuts. I should’ve known that the Chicago juju from the Cubs would rub off on the bears. They even played “Go Cubs Go” at the game today. I’M AN IDIOT. That one stung mostly because I trusted this guy.


Back to the drawing board for money until this website starts bringing in some serious capital (sponsor us please…anyone). The Rise and Fall of DG.


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