Although The Giants Were Awful Last Night, I’m Still Not Worried

USA Today
USA Today

This was not part of the plan, but I’m not surprised it happened.

The Giants sucked last night. No other way to say it. Can’t expect to win a game when the Eagles slice up the defense on the first drive. Can’t expect to win a game when Eli throws a pick 6 to go down 14-0 in the blink of an eye. Can’t expect to win a game after Eli starts 1 for 6 for 1 yards. Can’t expect to win a game when Eli also throws for a career high 63 (!) times and have dropped passes galore. Eli didn’t play well, but he’s not the only one.

Despite all of those problems, the Giants STILL had a chance to win the game at the end. Before I fire up “The So-Called Excuse Train,” let me be clear when I say this. The Giants sucked last night. They did not deserve to win the game. However, we should’ve had a fair shot to win. Why wasn’t it fair? Let’s look at the tape. P.S. These are not excuses. They’re just facts.

Last time I checked, you can’t mug a guy, hook his arm, and get no flag. Anyone with two eyes could see that it was pass interference. An atrocious call. I HATE how refs change their style at the ends of games. They want “the players to decide games.” You can’t let a player decide a game if he decides to mug a receiver. A penalty in the first minute of the game should be a penalty in the last minute of the game.

*Makes a text book tackle* PERSONAL FOUL! This one made me lose my shit. What the hell is Vernon supposed to do here? His momentum is taking him to the ground. Should he just stop? What the hell do refs expect here? Cam Newton is LAUGHING at this call because he gets drilled in the head every week and never gets a call. Carson Wentz goes to the floor on a hard but LEGAL hit and it’s a penalty. Yeah player safety! Woo!


Just comical. I’m all for player safety and protecting QBs, but come on. Apple pulled up and hit Wentz with his arm. Cam Newton almost became the headless horseman. I’ll cut the refs a little bit of slack. The Apple hit looked worse than it actually was so I sort of / kind’ve understand the flag, but then again I don’t.

The Giants played horrible last night, but they still had a chance to win at the end. It just shows you how tough they are to beat. Once again, I’m going to have to defend the Giants and question why people are jumping off the ship. The Giants are 10-5. 10-5! 10-5! 10-5! I love the Giants to death, but I absolutely hate how some of our fan base freaks out over every bad game and worries 24/7. This team is fucking good! They had a bad game. They’re still in the drivers seat to the playoffs. They can even clinch a spot this weekend if either the Falcons, Packers, Lions, or Bucs lose. Every Giant fan that doesn’t believe that this team will not make the playoffs can close the nearest car door on their face.

Big game next week against Washington. Let’s finish the season strong before we go on the road in the playoffs.

P.S. I’m not even going to address Beckham’s “tirade” in the tunnel. 11 catches. 150 yards. All OBJ cared about was the win so he was visibly distraught and showed his emotions. He left it all on that field last night. “But all he cares about is himself!!!!!!!”

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