Top 10 Radio / Top 40 / Mainstream (You Get The Point) Songs of 2016

Ah, mainstream radio. My absolute favorite. Big radio guy. I love starting my car and listening to the radio overplay songs. The main stations just blasting the same pop songs over and over. Nothing beats when you turn the station to avoid a song and the new station is playing the same song. At that point, you just have to tip your cap. I love every second of it.

I know a lot of people are Team iPod, Team Aux Cord or Team Sirius, but I’m on Team Mainstream Radio mostly because A) in order to use my iPod in my car, I have go through the cassette player, B) No aux outlet in my car and C) If I don’t have A and B, there’s no chance in hell that I have Sirius in my car.

So since those songs are my favorite, here are my Top 10 Radio / Top 40 / Mainstream Songs of 2016.

10. WILD – Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

This is probably the song you haven’t heard about too much. Troye Sivan – very underrated. He’s got a smooth elctropop sound to him, which I’m all about. If you already know Troye, you might’ve heard of his song Youth, but this song is better. It also doesn’t hurt to have another smooth voice in Alessia Cara on the track. Troye is already big with the teenage girls, but I think he starts his jump into reaching older age groups in 2017.

9. Cheap Thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul

Come on come on turn *insert radio station here* It’s Friday night and it won’t be long! Just gonna rattle off some stuff. Is there anyone with more jams than Sia? Before you jump to crucify me, besides Pitbull (Dale), I’m not sure if anyone puts out more jams on a consistent basis than Sia. Cheap Thrills is a jam. It would’ve been good no matter what, but having Sean Paul do his accent where no one knows what he’s saying puts this song over the top for me.

8. This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Ebony and Ivory. Calvin Harris and Rihanna. When this tandem gets together, you might as well take your pants off because it’s going to be a jam. This Is What You Came For is no exception. However, I will go on the record saying that We Found Love is better than this song. YELLOW DIAMONDS IN THE SKY

7. Gold – Kiiara

If you couldn’t tell, I love electropop. Gold was a sneaky jam for me. I remember hearing it early on in the year, forgetting about it, and then hearing about it going into the summer when it got a big push. Really funky and addicting beat. I could see Kiiara as a mini Lorde. More importantly, I just found out what she says in the beginning.

What I thought – ” Usy ahfsknjlabft OOOO dkadnnufn OOO OOOO jhefhf Without ever letting you go”

What Kiiara says – “Roof is Falling, Let Me Love You, Falling I Just Know”

Mind blown.

6. Cold Water – Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber and MØ

I WONT LET GO! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Justin Bieber owes Diplo his life. Bieber was destined for Teeny Bopper status for life until Diplo came in and changed it up. Purpose was an awesome record and we can thank Diplo (and Skrillex) for that. Bieber has such a great sound right now so I hope he keeps it up. Also, I know I will get a lot of heat for leaving off Let Me Love You, but I like Cold Water better. Frankly, the best song Bieber put out since Purpose is one that was only on the Walmart and Japanese versions of his albums. I give you Hit The Ground. You’re Welcome.

5. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars

FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. God, Bruno Mars gives off electricity in every song he puts out. This didn’t get the same playtime as Uptown Funk, but 24K Magic has such a funky and old school hip hop feel. Give me a funky beat and I’m sold. I’m not sure it was Bruno’s best song, but it’s definitely Top 10 worthy. Plus, Bruno may be one of the best live performers in the game today. 24 Karot Magic in the AIRRRRRRRRRRRR.

4. Starboy -The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

IM A MOTHAFUCKIN STARBOY! It took him most of the year to make an impact, but The Weeknd left a lasting impression on 2016. I’m a Weeknd guy. UNREAL voice. Reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson’s voice. I’ve been screaming this from the mountain top, but mark my words, The Weeknd will perform during a Super Bowl halftime show. It definitely did not hurt that he had Daft Punk help him out with the album because anything Daft touches turns to gold. Like Bruno, I’m not sure it was The Weeknd’s best song / album, but a job well done.

3. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

Jaw. Drop. Unfortunately, I write this with a heavy heart since Fifth Harmony will now be Four Harmonies (?) after Camila Cabello left. Like all pop groups, there has to be a breakup at some point so I was a tad surprised it happened this early. None the less, Work From Home is one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in awhile. It’s got everything you want. Good beat. Catchy hook. Fire chorus. It also doesn’t hurt that Fifth Harmony slays (believe that’s the proper term) in the video. work work work work work work. Also, very funny when you see little kids and parents sing this and they don’t know that it’s about sex. Classic mixup!

2. Broccoli – Big Baby D.R.A.M. ft. Lil Yachty

My winner of the “Rap song to go mainstream because suburban people love it and overplay it” goes to Broccoli. That being said, when that beginning piano comes on, you better believe everyone is going “OHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTT.” It’s a jam. This song also screams the following:

  1. High School athlete highlight tape
  2. JV Basketball team’s warmup playlist
  3. Group of girls going to Starbucks in one car jam session
  4. While playing Beer Pong, the kid who says “Wait, put my song on” in order to make shots but then once his song comes on, he still misses anyway but at least if he’s nodding his head and dancing, he can still come off as cool

1. Closer – The Chainsmokers

“Oh DG! Big shocker that Closer was #1! You just love them. That’s the only reason you put them #1.”

Ok tough guy. 1) No shame 2) What was a better and more popular radio song than Closer? 3) Who had a bigger year than The Chainsmokers, who had 3 songs go top 10 including a number 1 hit? 4) When you run a website, you can put any song you want as #1.

Seriously, The Chainsmokers had an AWESOME year. Their stock is through the roof and they have never even released a true album. They’re a staple in pop music now and it only looks like their popularity will continue to skyrocket if they keep putting out jams. They haven’t even been on a true arena tour yet in the U.S. so look out for that in 2017.

P.S. You still like Closer and if you don’t, then you’re just being difficult and love to hate mainstream things. Whatever gets you through the day!

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