This Is It, Don’t Get Scared Now


Strap in. It’s playoff time.

I’ll say it. I am NOT surprised that the New York Football Giants are in the playoffs. This team was good coming into the year and after winning those first two close games of the year, I was sold. 10-6 was my prediction and they exceeded that at 11-5.

As great as all of that stuff is, it is completely thrown out the window. 0-0. A new season. The New York Giants trot into Lambeau field at 440 today to take on the redddddddddddd hottttttttttttttt Green Bay Packers. As the season was winding down, I said I did not want to face 2 teams:

  1. Seattle Seahawks in Seattle
  2. Green Bay Packers

Thanks to the Lions failure, the Packers were able to rattle off 6 straight wins, run the table, and win the division, hence why we’re here today.

Let’s start with the obvious. Aaron Rodgers is playing on another planet. In those 6 wins, he’s thrown 15 TDs and more impressively, 0 INTs. Jordy Nelson is back to being Jordy Nelson, catching back shoulder TDs and converting on 3rd downs. Ty Montgomery has finally given this team a solid RB. Every analyst keeps saying “Jared Cook is going to have a big game.” SIKEEEEEEEEEEE. But he is talented, I’ll give him that. The defense is the defense. They don’t scare me, but if Clay Matthews can wreak havoc against *gulps* Ereck Flowers, we have a problem.

So before people get start drooling over the Packers, let’s not forget about the GMENNNNN. Have you seen them play defense? My god they are good and I mean REALLY good. The $200 million defense. Snacks, Landon, and Vernon have been worth every penny. Landon Collins has been so good that he’s seriously in discussion for defensive MVP. The defense will keep us in this game.

However, I know, you know, your family knows, and everyone in the world knows this game rests on the shoulder of our 2-time Super Bowl MVP winner, Eli Manning. Why wouldn’t it come down to him? The man that led us on two Super Bowl runs. The man that has started in over 200 straight games. The man who does not know what “fear” is. I don’t care how mediocre of a year he has had. I will take Eli Manning in the playoffs over every single QB still playing. I will die for Eli Manning.

Finally, there’s the boat crew.

Did it bother me? Maybe, for like a few minutes, but then I got over it. I don’t think it was that big of a deal. What they did on that boat will not affect the game today. That I can promise you. They are grown men who could do whatever they want. I just want to fill people in that NFL players can do WHATEVER they want on their off days. If you think these are the only guys to ever fly to Miami and go to the clubs and then go back to work the next day, then you’re clinically insane. It’s only because we live in the social media age that it’s a big deal. Michael Jordan used to take Atlantic City trips the nights before a playoff game. You think Joe Namath was studying his playbook on an off day? The Party Four, especially OBJ, will be fine.

This game is going to be a dogfight. It’s going to be tough. The Giants are either going to win today and make the Super Bowl or lose today. There is not an in-between. Somehow, the Giants are going to have to get Rodgers to make a mistake. They are not going to be able to stop him, but if they can capitalize off of an interception or fumble, the Giants can win this game. Once again, the defense will come to play. It’s Eli and the offense that need to hold their own. I’ve mentioned this 100 times but the Giants have not scored over 30 points in a game yet. Is there a better time to do it than today? Eli is going to outplay Rodgers and win this game for the Giants. It’s destiny. It’s time to get Ring #3.

History tends to repeat itself.


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