Introducing The Next Great Twitter Story: Drew vs. The Brady Bunch

Some of my favorite stories are ones that are told over Twitter timelines. Twitter at its finest. Today’s story is no different. This is the story of how Drew was asked to give up his seat for another member of “The Brady Bunch.” Enjoy.

Let me be the first to day that this was laugh out loud funny. I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, it’s spoiled, rich and entitled white kids that started this all. SHOCKER! I didn’t see that coming! They started an argument over a seat. A SEAT! The seat was life or death to them and if there friend did not sit down, it was the end of the world. This is just another exhibit of why I don’t like most people because of stupid and petty stuff like this.

So let’s get to the real MVP and that’s Drew. The guy was a goddamn poet telling this story. A young Shakespeare. I almost spit out my drink when he started naming the people stereotypical white names like Hunter, Nathaniel, Larry, and Ryan. Grouping them together by calling them the Brady Bunch. Do all black people use that reference when describing a bunch of stereotypical white people? Regardless, it was spot on. The “ruining the Beatles reunion” line was pure gold. I could just see Hunter and Nathaniel starting to cry and go on a big rant about how there dads give so much money to the school and how they deserve that seat. Shut up for everyone’s sake.

This is just another example of how Black Twitter is one of the best parts of Twitter for storytelling like that. I need more of it.

Plus, if I was Drew, that chair would’ve been across Nathaniel’s face right away, WWE style.

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