It’s A Sin That Mike Francesa Will NOT Be Doing Super Bowl Trivia This Year

Newsday – WFAN’s Super Bowl trivia contest, a decades-old tradition, is not scheduled to be held this year, vice president of programming Mark Chernoff said on Monday.

Chernoff cited the lack of a sponsor for the event, customarily held in the week following the NFL conference championship games.

“As of now, we’re not doing the contest,” he said. “There is a possibility of a sponsorship; if that happens, we will be able to do it.”

This would have been the final contest overseen by Mike Francesa, who began it with his former partner, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, early in the “Mike and the Mad Dog” show’s history.

Russo dressed up for the occasion as a character known as “The Marquis.”

After Russo left in 2008, Francesa experimented with former Giants running back O.J. Anderson, the MVP of Super Bowl XXV, as his contest partner.

That did not work out, so in recent years Francesa has worked alone in giving callers a series of up to four questions, with winners securing a free travel and ticket package to the big game, through a sponsor. The questions were prepared by WFAN staffer John Schweibacher.

“All I would say is that it isn’t about the prize,” Francesa said. “It is about permission. You have to have a ‘pass through’ with an active Super Bowl sponsor. They are still seeking that, but time is running out.”

I am not kidding when I say that this is the WORST NEWS OF ALL-TIME. If you’re a Mike Francesa fan like myself, you know that this is the week that all of us fans have marked on our calendar. Super Bowl Trivia Week. Mike’s best segment of all-time and it’s not even close. I dream of this week because you know this is Mike at his best. Proving to the world how much smarter he is with these questions and ruining fans dreams of going to the Super Bowl. It’s must-listen radio. I remember when it was the days of Mike and “The Marquis” and when Mad Dog left, the tradition has lived on.

This is like getting stabbed in the heart. Super Bowl trivia gets the juices GOIN. For starters, it’s an instant quote factory. “youz ready for da ordio?” “Wanna hear it again?” “1 DAWNN, TREE TO GO!” “Whoz you gonna take to da game if youz win?” “waht kindve fan are you?…A GIANTSSSSS fan.” However, my personal favorite is “Heahs a cookie.” What a move from the Pope! Giving you confidence early so he can put you in a damn body bag on the audio question. I have absolutely no idea how anyone in their right mind can get the audio question right. You have a better chance at solving a rubik’s cube while blindfolded with your hands behind your back than solving one of Mike’s diabolical audio questions.

This is Mikey’s last year (we think) with WFAN. How in the world can they not find a sponsor? This tradition is decades old and now we won’t get in in the Pope’s Farewell Tour? No way. I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it. The world will not be denied this. I hope this is a PR move to generate more excitement for the contest (if that’s even possible).

We need a miracle and we need it now. Sponsors, please do the right thing. NFL, step in and fix this wrong. America needs Mike’s Super Bowl Trivia. Do the right thing.

Shoutout to Dick from Hartford. “Youz sound like youz had some trouble gasping for air.” Easily Top 5 Happiest Moments of Mike’s life.

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