It’s Time To Talk About The Affair Season Finale…Wait, That Was The Season Finale?



The Affair. One of my favorite shows on television. Been on the bandwagon for awhile (all aboard CHOO CHOO). The acting is great. The writing is superb. It was original and unique and such a refreshing change up from all of the TV reboots. I had really high hopes for Season 3. Noah going to prison was intriguing. I was game for a new perspective and a time jump because it told me that the writers want to keep the fresh aspect of this show and not recycle story lines. Totally fine with that. You still have the Alison and Cole saga and the Helen train wreck so all in all, I thought it would be a good season.

The Affair Season 3 took a step back.

My thoughts are going to be all over the place so bear with me. It’ll all tie together (I hope) so I’m just gonna go for it.

Season Finale Thoughts

  • Let’s start with the most obvious thing to talk about: The season finale. Wait, that was a season finale? In a show that started with Noah and Alison’s perspectives, the staples of this show, we are taken on a trip to Paris for Juliette’s and Noah’s perspective. Why?
  • Juliette is going to get A LOT of heat this season. The biggest question being “why did the writers even add her in the first place?” When I first heard they were adding a new character, I was totally fine with it. The worst thing a show like this could do is to stay stagnant. They have to spice it up or it’s just going to get repetitive. Praised the writers for this move.
  • That being said, the Juliette experience did not work out because she really didn’t get a chance to develop. I think she had only 3 perspectives this season AND one of them was the season finale. A very, very bold move on the writers part. That being said, I hated the move. Twitter was KILLING The Affair for this move and I’m with them. I think if Juliette was a character and not a perspective, it would’ve worked out better.
  • Noah’s perspective, for the most part, made sense. Man tries to make up for all his wrongdoings and try to start a new life. I understand why Juliette was tied in with Noah. The new flame, new interest, etc.  But once again, it should not have been in the season finale.
  • That being said, if you were too thrown / pissed off from Juliette’s perspective that you lost interest in Noah’s, you missed out on a crucial moment in the show. I’m talking about Noah and Whitney. From Episode 1, every single move Noah has made has distanced himself further from his children and his family. Noah continuously tried to be a good father, but the more he tried, the more he failed. Noah was everything he did not want to be aka like his father.
  • But when Noah came to the defense of Whitney and was able to finally rationalize and explain his thought process of the past couple years, you could finally sympathize with him. Not that he deserves your sympathy after all he has done and you still might be on “Team Noah is an asshole,” coming to the defense of his daughter after the slap from Furkat was the best thing he ever did as a father. That’s a HUGE theme in The Affair and if you missed it because you didn’t like Ms. French in the first half, then you’re totally excluding a major subplot.
  • This felt like a series finale, not a season finale. Noah leaving in the cab wondering where he’s going to go seemed like a way to just end the series, not open up discussion for Season 4 (which there is).
  • I guess Alison, Cole, Oscar, and Luisa got the good old fashioned sorryboutit!
  • Once again, I wasn’t a fan of the season finale. It felt like the end of a show or a 3rd episode in a season. To call it garbage is a stretch. I really didn’t care for Juliette’s story, but I actually didn’t mind most of Noah’s. The phrase I’m using for the episode is “Out of Place.”

UPDATE: So when I write these, I take zero notes. I just go off the cuff and by my memory. I totally forgot about Noah and his mother and Juliette and her husband. I apologize for not bringing up that parallel. Shout out to Mat Fesster for reminding me. Also, thanks to everyone who has hit me up about the review. I love a good discussion.

So real quick. Another thing people might have skipped over because they were upset with Juliette is the idea of grasping on to a loved one even though they are holding you back. Noah (not 100% confirmed, could be more details but I’d say it’s 90% sure) admitted to mercy killing his mother because she was suffering from cancer. This is probably the root of Noah’s unhappiness and why he does what he does and it lead to his hallucinations of guilt and distress. Killing your mother? I’d venture to say that would mess up 11/10 people 24/7, 365 a year. Look at Juliette, too. Her husband suffered from Alzheimer’s and even called her the wrong woman, but yet again, she was still grasping on to something that was dying. Juliette even wished for his death. This was the bridge that united Noah and Juliette because they could totally relate to one another with holding on to the past while trying to move on.

So yes, Juliette did show some value, but I’m still standing by my original comment of “out of place” and lack of development for her character. Once again, move this to earlier in the season and we might be on to something.

Season 3 Thoughts

  • Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah. This proved that The Affair is Noah’s show.
  • Because of a Noah overload, Cole, Helen, and most importantly, Alison, took a HUGE back seat . I’m not sure if this means Season 4 is Alison’s time to shine or not, but it’s time to bring back all of these characters into the fold next season.
  • I need more Oscar. He’s my dude.
  • I am NOT a Helen fan, but her perspective in Episode 9 of Season 3 was her best ever. You truly got a look into how Helen has been affected over the past couple of seasons. She’s always doing what other people want. Her parents, Noah, even Alison. I liked how she didn’t tell Cherry about Scott because I think it’s foreshadowing for next season. Helen telling Vic the whole truth was the icing on the cake. Finally did something for HER.
  • This show started out with Noah and Alison’s perspective. Alison has to be a central character along with Noah. Her interactions with Cole this season were intriguing and entertaining, but there weren’t enough of them. I really think Alison makes a huge comeback next season.
  • For the “Take me back to Montauk, The Lockharts and The Lobster Roll” Crowd: Hear me out. What did you think was going to happen after Scott died? They just return to the Lockhart Ranch and have more family interactions? Cole HATES his family. He married Luisa to get away from his family. It did not make sense to just bring Cherry and co. (what’s left of it) back into the mix. That wouldn’t make sense. I think Helen wanting to tell Cherry about Scott brings the family back in the mix in Season 4, which is a good thing. Maybe if they did this revelation earlier in the season and brought the Lockhart’s back later on in Season 3, it would’ve satisfied more people including me, but I agree in terms of not forcing them back into the storyline.
  • I also think there is a HUGEEEEEE Alison and Cole bias. Don’t get me wrong, Alison > Noah. Noah overload backfired this season. I get this feeling that if some people don’t see Alison or Cole in the episode, they automatically are turned off from the start, which is not a good way to approach an episode. Yes, it was Noah overload, but like the interaction with Whitney, there were some really well-done parts that people might have missed because of their bias.
  • Noah stabbing himself. Really? Ugh. Probably the #1 thing I was disappointed with this season. Noah is bat shit crazy. I was totally fine with the prison sequences and shout out to Brendan Fraser. He’s come a long way since George of the Jungle and The Mummy. But why did Noah have to stab himself? Imagine if after Noah realized he made up a lot of the prison interactions, he goes back to his apartment, convinces himself he’s crazy, but there’s a big reveal as to who his killer truly was? Perhaps someone was waiting there or he found a clue. Now I would’ve been on board with that. My #1 suspect was Audrey. You know, the girl who Noah made fun of in his class but yet she still wanted to have sex with him? Underused character.

So that wraps up Season 3. A shaky,shaky season for sure. A LOT of unhappy campers. The writers took a risk in order to make the show fresh. Totally supported that move because the worst thing a show could be is “stagnant.” That being said, it wasn’t executed correctly. I’m all for new even when “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” was true. I wanted to briefly leave Montauk, but not abandon it completely. Alison needs to get back into the mix 50/50 with Noah perspectives. Throw in some Cole’s and Helen’s and we’re cooking with gas again. I hope you will watch Season 4 when it comes back. Looking at you, Bus.

Until next year. Need more Oscar. Need it.

One thought on “It’s Time To Talk About The Affair Season Finale…Wait, That Was The Season Finale?”

  1. Yes it was the Noah show, but Dominic West is an incredible actor, he and Maura carry this show. His descent into madness and addiction was captivating and real.


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