How The Hell Did The Giants Beat The Patriots In The Super Bowl TWICE?

So if you are like me, you are still trying to dissect last night’s epic / tragic Super Bowl, depending on what side you were on. I went into the game thinking the Pats were going to somehow find a way to win, but I still bet on Atlanta because I just couldn’t see this team hoist another Lombardi trophy. I’ll be upfront. I hate the Patriots, but man do I have to tip my cap to them and respect them for this dynasty. It’s hard to process.

I’m writing this and it started to turn into “ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS RUN THE BALL”” pity party for Atlanta. I still don’t know what impressed me more: The Patriots comeback or Atlanta downfall. Every single thing had to go the Patriots way and it did. A turnover, bad coaching, horrible time management, a coin toss. Atlanta was the walking definition of Murphy’s law.

So after all the dust settled, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I didn’t think there were any debates before this game, but now they have officially ended. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time and Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all-time. End of discussion. Close the book. I won’t hear it anymore.

I said I started writing this and it turned into a “how did that happen” blog. Well, here is my biggest takeaway from the Pats historic victory. I’m not even trying to take away attention from the Patriots because they deserve it. But here it is:

How the hell did the Giants beat the Patriots not once, but TWICE in the Super Bowl?

I am 100% serious when I say that. How did it happen? For anyone who knows me, I am a diehard Giants fan. I love them to death. Ride or die team. Those Super Bowl wins are two of the greatest days of my life especially the first one. So I’m saying this because it’s sometimes hards to believe.

Tom Brady had one of the best statistical years as a QB in 2007. He lead the Patriots to an 18-0 record. It’s hands down the best team he has ever had and yet somehow, the New York Football Giants and Eli Manning slayed the dragon, played the PERFECT game, and won.

Tom Brady dominates every team in the NFL besides two. The Broncos, which is the only team that has a losing record against, and the New York Giants, the only team that has beaten Brady and Belichick in a Super Bowl. Everything and I mean everything goes the Patriots way the past 15 years. Everything. All the bounces go their way. They make all the right calls and they get the best out of players like James White and Chris Hogan. I mean they got an interception on 2ND AND GOAL FROM THE 1. And yet in two games, David Tyree caught a ball off of a helmet and Mario Manningham walked the tight rope. It just doesn’t make sense.

Tom Brady was down 25 (!) points to the Falcons and yet he sliced that defense up in the second half with ease. Yet in a rematch with the Giants in 2011, the Giants yet again get the better of Tom Brady. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!?! The Patriots had the lead once against the Falcons and that was when they won the game. The Patriots had 2. TWO. TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4th quarter leads against the Giants in the FINAL MINUTES and they still lost.

So am I going to sit here and say the Giants were the better team going into the game? Absolutely not. But on two separate occasions, the Giants out played the best team of the past 15 years in the biggest game of the year. What I’m getting is that Giants fans can bring that fact to their grave. The Giants did what no one else could do: beat Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick in a Super Bowl. What Falcons did the other night just shows that what the Giants did is so impressive and mystifying and it should be cherished by every Giant fan.

The Patriots have gotten the better of 31/32 teams. Brady and Belichick will most likely retire with that on their resume. However, that leaves one team. One team that can hold their heads high. One team that did not ask the question “what if we beat them” and beat them.

That one team is the New York Giants. All hail Eli Manning.

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