Brandon Marshall Is A New York Giant

Nothing like a Schefty bomb to get the day started HOW YA DOIN.

Brandon Marshall is signing with the New York Football Giants and I could not be happier. I cannot stress this enough. Brandon Marshall is a PERFECT fit in this offense. I remember listening to Boomer and Carton (s/o to them) a while back and Carton said that Brandon Marshall would be a great fit. Could not agree more.

First of all, from a position stand point, the Giants needed an outside receiver after Cruz was cut. No offense to Cruz, but he was a better slot than outside. I am a firm believer that if you run an offense in the NFL, you need a big guy on the outside. Beckham, Cruz, and Shepard are all 6 foot and below. Brandon Marshall is 6’4, 230 pounds. Yeah, I’ll take that. The blueprint has worked before i.e. Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, and Hakeem Nicks. Eli finally has a big guy again!

Unfortunately, Brandon Marshall has a (undeserving) reputation of imploding and being potential trouble in the locker room. Does this worry me? Not really because look at the teams he was playing for at the time. The Chicago Bears and the New York Jets. How are those teams doing? These are 2 of the 5 worst teams in football right now so Brandon wanting to win probably got to him hence why he has a bad reputation. For me, it’s not a serious red flag to me. I really don’t even blame him that much. He also had trouble controlling his mental health issues earlier on in his career. As he’s gotten older and more informed, Marshall has changed completely for the better and I give him a ton of props.

The biggest reason why I love this move: Odell Beckham Jr. Love him (which I do) or hate him, he is the most talented player in the NFL. This man has already set records and he’s only played 3 seasons (!!!!!!!!). Now Beckham has had his problems both on and off the field. I think Marshall will be the perfect mentor to Beckham because he’s been through it before. Both were talented at a young age but had bad reputations in the media. I think Marshall is the guiding force that will lead Beckham to continued to success.

The only potential bad spot out of all of this: B Marsh still wants to do Inside The NFL. It tapes on Tuesday and the Giants work on Tuesday. I’m sure we can figure something out

Odell Beckham Jr. Brandon Marshall. Sterling Shephard. We obviously still have a lot of holes to fill at TE and OL, but that’s what free agency and the draft is for. This team is ready to do damage in the playoffs.

P.S. BRANDON MARSHALL IS STILL GOOD! He’s one year removed from 109-catch, 1,502-yard, 14-touchdown season with…………..Ryan Fitzpatrick as the QB. Imagine what he can do with a Hall of Famer behind center *insert thinking emoji*


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