NBA Playoff Picks: Conference Semi-Finals Edition


The first round of the NBA playoffs came and went without too much excitement. DG and LordTreeSap both picked the winner of each series (all the favorites) and told you the Clippers-Jazz series would be the only one to get to game 7. DG has jumped on the Jazz bandwagon and has them moving on, while LTS believes the Clips get it done at home. The Conference Semi-Finals begin today with the Wizards and Celtics renewing their rivalry. The second round should be a little more interesting with possible upsets, as we get one step closer to the Warriors/Cavs trilogy.

Eastern Conference:

#1 Boston Celtics v #4 Washington Wizards

LTS: There’s clearly some bad blood between the Celtics and Wizards, as the teams split their testy regular season series 2-2 with the home team as the victor in each contest. I said the Wizards would be the toughest test for the Cavs and with the way the C’s struggled against Rondo in the first round, I believe John Wall will be unstoppable in this series, Gortat should eat inside as well. The Wizards advance to their first Conference Final since 1979.

Wizards in 6

DG: I think this will be the best series by far. Celtics started off sluggish against the Bulls, but settled down and won 4 straight. Rebounding is still their biggest flaw. Wizards looked electric and John wall is cementing himself as a top 5 PG. This series will go 7 and I’ll give the edge to my doppelgänger, Brad Stevens and the C’s.

Celtics in 7

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers v #3 Toronto Raptors


LTS: The Raptors made solid moves at the deadline in order to have a roster that could compete with the Cavaliers. I just can’t see a way they give the Cavs fits though, as Cleveland swept the regular season series 3-0 (last game the big three did not play in for Cleveland). LeBron and Co. looked sharp in round one and will be well-rested for the Raptors. The Land cruises to another Conference Final, as DeRozan and Lowry are too inconsistent for me.

Cavs in 5

DG: Last year’s Eastern Conference Finals was a better than expected series. I honestly think it’ll be the same formula. Cavs win first two games. Raptors win next two to even it up. Cavs win final two to close it out. Lebron is LeBron and he gets it done.

Cavs in 6

Western Conference:

#1 Golden State Warriors v Clippers/Jazz

LTS: Sadly for whoever wins game 7 of the Clipper/Jazz series will run into a juggernaut Warrior team who is waiting in the wings. GSW has a legit shot at running through the West 12-0. Get your brooms out.

Warriors in 4 

DG: Do I even need to write up a summary? I’ll be nice this time. Warriors in 5 cause ISO joe and Gordon Hayward steal game 4 to avoid the sweep.

Warriors in 5

#2 San Antonio Spurs v #3 Houston Rockets


LTS: DG and I agree the Rockets match up with the Spurs well and have a good shot at pulling the upset, as all the regular season games were tightly contested. Harden vs Kawhi down the stretch of games will be a treat, and I honestly like the Rocket role players more than the Spurs’. It’s tough to go against Pop, but San Antonio you have a problem.

Rockets in 6

DG: Start your engines! Toughest series to predict. The Spurs are the Spurs. All they do is find a away to win and it seems to happen all the time. Kawhi is officially the best two-way player in the game. No debate, end of discussion. Harden and the boys are no slouches though. They can outscore the Spurs for sure, but can they stop them? I think Harden is going to go off and make the voters rue the day that they passed over him again for MVP.

Rockets in 7

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