Folks, Miley Cyrus is officially BACK

I’ll say it loud and proud.

Miley Cyrus is #back.

I’ve been wondering when the Miley comeback tour would start because Miley used to put out BANGERZ (s/o to that album) in the past. I don’t need Hannah Montana Miley back, but I need the Miley who doesn’t dance with inflatable penises and blow up dolls on stage.

This is #MyMiley

I don’t want to say cutting her hair was her downfall because she still looked great with short hair. But in a way, it’s kind of when Sampson lost his hair in the Bible (shout out to religion). He lost his powers when he shaved his head. Once again, I’m down with the short hair movement, but it seemed like Miley was going downhill like a year after she did it and downhill fast. I’m all for blowup dolls if that’s your thing. Free country, but Dead Petz Miley Cyrus is something I’d like to forget about.

That being said, is Malibu the greatest song ever? No, but it’s a breezy pop sound I can get down with because it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, she’s #back with Liam Hemsworth so that’s pretty chill. I’m glad Miley is back so in honor of her return, the top 5 (Wrecking Ball would’ve been 6) Miley Cyrus songs are…

5. 7 things

Sneaky, sneaky good song. Total teenage girl song but hey, if you know all 7 things, re2pect.


This is our house. This is our rules. This is a banger.

3. the climb

I feel like this song was made specifically for people who get voted off of American Idol. Keep the faith, people.

2. Party in the usa (preferably the remix with biggie)

Hello day drink. Meet college kids. I guarantee if you throw this on at a day drink, heads will be bopping and kegs will be tapped.

1. see you again

I didn’t st-st-stutter when choosing Miley’s best song. See You Again knocks and I’ll knock you out if you don’t agree. I’m just being Mi-ley.

Now back to writing manly things like sports and Fast and The Furious!!!!!

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