Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 28 – The Return of Sisi

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The boys return to the dungeon with a much anticipated guest making his return, the infamous “Sisi.” Everyone in Yorktown that’s graduated within the last decade has at least heard of or has a relationship with the sandal wearing legend.

Things got good when we got into Sisi’s best memories and party stories from Yorktown to visiting colleges. Whether it was him somehow surviving a Joe Cardone powerbomb or dancing naked on rooftops in Keene, or pulling off the signature slam-dunk in beer pong there’s nobody like him out there. The guy hasn’t paid for anything in New Hampshire since.

Check out the rest of the episode here, where the gang chops it up about their epic in-house basketball match ups and the possibility of LeBron overtaking Jordan as the G.O.A.T. You’re sure to have a few laughs with the guys.

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