Best Performances From The Billboard Music Awards


If you’re like me who thought the Cavs would easily beat the Celtics, you decided to watch the 2017 Billboard Music Awards instead of Game 3. Wrong decision? Not really because the BBMAs were pretty entertaining. It’s one of the few awards shows to really focus on performances instead of just announcing award winners. Plus, I also watched the last couple minutes of the NBA game so we’re gucci.

There were a lot of good performances that stood out so it was hard to narrow it down to a couple. In no particular order, here were some highlights.

Celine Dion

We’ll…stay…FOREVRRRRRRRRRRRR THIS WAY. 20 years later and this song is still a powerhouse. I’m a Celine Dion guy. She has a pretty good discography and Titanic is an all-time classic, no questions asked. She’s such a boss. If this picture doesn’t scream I’m the greatest of all-time, then I don’t know what does.



As the kids like to say, this performance was super lit. I’ve done 180s and 360s on Drake over the years. I loved Thank Me Later and Take Care. I wasn’t crazy about Nothing Was The Same and Views. I liked More Life. Drake is a super charismatic dude and it would not shock me if he has a bigger career in entertainment than in music. I think he’s that entertaining and likable. So I’m in on Team Drake right now. Let’s do it, Jimmy.

Miley Cyrus

Get the tissues out!!! Miley is back. Miley is back…

Miley is back.


Why hasn’t this song taken off yet? It’s baffling because it’s so damn catchy and has #1 hit written all over it. This performance will definitely bring Green Light back up the charts. Lorde Lorde Lorde Lorde.


Talk about getting the people going! I would be shunned if I didn’t include Cher (you’re welcome, Vinny), but her performances deserve a spot on the list. I don’t care if she lip synced whatsoever. Cher is 71 and still brought the crowd to their feet. The Mother of Auto Tune did her thing last night.

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