Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 29 – MDW, Zack Furman, And Hot Takes With Gos



We hope everyone had a solid MDW. For me, this is the true start of the summer so we all recapped our extravaganzas. We also got into the Worst Days of the Year. Is Tuesday after Memorial Day #1?

On the show today we brought in Zack Furman, one of DG’s good friends for over a decade. With close friends means personal stories are a must so we had a few to share. The topic of crying and when the last time you did it came up, which brings us to the Seaside Crying Story from DG…. Spoiler alert: You get an inside look at one of DG’s many low points so laugh away. We also got into City shenanigans (broken doors?), movies and some football stories from back in the day.

***DG NOTE*** Not a good look for me, but I was 19 in that story. Just a young buck trying to make it in the world. Also, I dare anyone to challenge me in a Free Bird air guitar battle.

We also brought on our Hot Takes expert Jarod Gos to talk about the start of the “NBA Season,” KD’s return to the Thunder, and LaMelo Ball.

Cheat Sheet

Summer is here so the boys recap their Memorial Day Weekends (2:12 – 7:20) and talk about the Worst Days of the Year (7:21 – 11:00). What is going on with Tiger Woods? (11:30 – 18:00). The Michael Jackson Lifetime Movie (yes, there was one) (18:00 – 22:00). We then brought Zack Furman on the show to discuss high school stories, movies, and the last times we have all cried. If you need to get dirt on us, use these crying stories (22:10 – 42:00). We wrapped up with our resident Hot Take Expert, Jarod Gosule, and talked NBA Finals, Kevin Durant’s return to the Thunder, and the LaMelo Ball mixtape (42:05 – 56:00).

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