Who is The GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

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It’s been AWHILE since I’ve written an article about sports so I figured why not tackle the #1 debate going on today? Michael Jordan or LeBron James: Who is the greatest of all-time?

Michael has 6 rings in 6 Finals appearances. LeBron has 3 rings in 8 Finals appearances including 7 straight trips there. Jordan has 5 MVPs and LeBron has 2 MVPs. LeBron will probably pass MJ on the all-time scoring list. A lot of stuff to consider during this debate.

However, I think there is a clear-cut winner to this debate. One of these guys is clearly better than the other and frankly, it’s obvious. I ran the numbers, did my homework, and came to my conclusion. Let’s do this.

Who is the GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?






*Press Play*


Did you really think I was going to waste my time on this debate? If I say it’s Jordan, LeBron fans come out of the woodwork to give me 1000 lashes at the stake while mentioning he’s been to 7 straight Finals. If I say it’s LeBron, Hell might freeze over with all of the Jordan experts saying how “HE’S 6 FOR 6 WITH 6 NBA FINALS MVPs!!!!” I feel like every sports debate show goes into every morning meeting like “hmmmm LeBron lost…Is Jordan better? OR hmmmm LeBron won…Has LeBron officially become the GOAT?” It’s cringeworthy at this point when shows have this debate EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Enough is enough. I totally get shows need it for #ratings and #clickbait (re2pect to clickbait, part of the game) but let’s just watch the Finals and debate more interesting stuff like if LeBron has the “clutch gene” or not…

Let’s just enjoy LeBron’s basketball greatness while we have him and when he retires, let the debate begin.

Please play forever, LeBron, so we never have to have this debate.

P.S. I totally threw out the hot take of “if LeBron beats the Warriors, he moves past Jordan” a few weeks ago on the podcast. Time is a flat circle, my friends.

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