Zach Lavine Teamed Up With Jimmy Kimmel To Pull Off An Epic Prank On Jamal Crawford

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.19.10 PM

Everyone loves a good prank, especially when a friend is on the receiving end of one. Last week, Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine and LA Clippers sixth man Jamal Crawford joined Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night to introduce the “Kids Without Hover-boards PSA” prank to the world.

J-Crossover has been a mentor to the 22-year-old UCLA product throughout his first couple years in the league, as the good friends hail from the west coast, dominating the streets of Washington while growing up. It was pretty funny to see two of the most laid back, even-keel dudes in the league a little out of their element and comfort zone.


LaVine chills backstage with Cousin Sal as the 37-year-old Crawford heads to what looks to be your normal television set, where actor Thomas Lennon (We’re The Millers) plays the role of the annoying over-the-top set director. Lennon does a great job messing with Jamal calling him JaVar and making him do repeated spins, twirls while repeating the PSA’s message.

One shot they even make Crawford use fake tears while talking, keep in mind this is for “Children Without Hover-boards.” It’s “Hoverrific” people. The director takes it to the next level when he begins bossing around the kids on hover-boards in the PSA and finally asks Jamal, who hasn’t aged since joining the league in 2000, to get in a harness for a stunt, which he refuses because it would void his contract.

Finally Zach comes storming in trying to figure out what’s going on saying Jamal’s on the wrong set before letting J-Crawf in on the joke that Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras were responsible. Check it out below, it had me laughing this weekend and I think I have a good sense of humor. I’d watch out if I was Zach LaVine whenever the Clippers and T-Wolves get together next season.

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