2017 DMR Podcast Fantasy Football Special

Welcome to the 2nd Ever 2017 Daily Mix Report Podcast Fantasy Football Special. The Fantasy trio is back as DG, LordTreeSap, and Brandon Trager are back to get you ready for your fantasy football draft

First things first, the article picture. This was our 8th grade travel football team. If you can believe it, this was the only picture that I could find with all 3 of us in it. It’s 11 years old! That being said, it’s a legendary picture. LTS with the skull cap (sick bro!), BT with the old school Justin Bieber haircut as he’s about to sing “One Time,”, and I’m ready to sell someone insurance. GTs, fellas. GTs.

Now that we got that out of the way, the show has it all. We covered our bold statements and predictions from last season that will give everyone a few laughs. Sap’s still waiting for Lamar Miller to be a Top 5 RB. From there, we broke down position by position our way. You all know Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will be beasts. So instead, we just stated our break outs stars, busts, and potential sleepers for each position (looking at you, Jay Cutler. Yeah, I said it. Sleeper QB). Will Jameis take the next step to glory? Can Beast Mode be Beast Mode again? How long should you sit before drafting a QB?

All that and more on the podcast. Give it a listen and win your league.

Or, just get drunk at your draft and have fun. Either one works.

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