Sergio Dipp Stole The Show On Monday Night Football

You watch him NOW…ON THE SCREEN!

What a debut! Sergio Dipp was the hero that we needed last night. If you’re not a fan of the two teams playing, the 10:20 Monday Night Game is made for the degenerates. The only people who stay up to watch the game are gamblers, people who can’t sleep (me), and fantasy football owners. That’s it.

So in a game that needed excitement, Sergio Dipp delivered a 30 second clip of pure genius. The guy was a quote machine. “And here he is…HAVING…THE TIME…OF HIS LIFE!” LTS texted me and asked if this guy had something in his pants. No Michael, this guy just has swagger. I was praying he would drop a “boom goes the dynamite.”

The Internet fell in love with Sergio as well.

For the people that are actually giving Sergio a hard time, kick rocks. English was clearly the guy’s second language and from his Twitter TL, he usually just covers soccer. So you know what, it takes a lot of balls to do what he did. I’d love to see you give us amazing analysis of the Mexico v Chile soccer game on ESPN Deportes in Spanish. Plus, Sergio was able to laugh at himself after it was all said and done. The man is a superstar and the world needs him on every broadcast.

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