The Disrespect of Carmelo Anthony Has Gone Too Far

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Months ago I thought the only Carmelo Anthony article I’d be writing this summer would be his farewell to New York as he was dealt to either Houston or Cleveland, but when you’re a life-long Knicks fan you know nothing ever goes according to plan. So here we are, just a over a month out from the 2018 season tipping off and I’m coming to the aid of the Knicks star, as ESPN released their unreliable NBA player rankings with Melo at the 64th spot, sandwiched between the erratic Marcus Smart and behind Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

I feel disgusted I actually had to type that last sentence. Yes, ESPN has Carmelo Anthony in the same breathe as a career 9 point per game scorer and someone who has yet to play in an NBA contest. I’m starting to think BSPN is just trolling here so the media actually writes about their irrelevant rankings, as I’m doing now so mission accomplished guys. If they actually did a reputable job a lot less people would care and there wouldn’t be as much outrage from NBA players and fan conversation. Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.09.56 PM.png Carmelo Anthony may not be the player he was six years ago when he first suited up in MSG, but he is damn sure better than the 64th best in the NBA. The 33-year-old should be somewhere in the 30’s where ESPN had him ranked before last season. Anthony is coming off a solid 2016 effort in which he averaged 22 points, with nearly 6 boards and 3 assists a night. He also posted better than career averages from three point range as well as at the line and even tested out positively for all the analytics folks at home. Anthony should be commended for thriving these last few lean years in NYC, not painted as the villain left for blame of this mess.


I’m going to rattle off some wings on this list rated ahead of Carmelo. There’s no way with a straight face someone could objectively tell me Danilo Gallinari, Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder, ROBERT COVINGTON, Khris Middleton, Danny Green, Lamarcus Aldridge and Harrison Barnes are better players than Carmelo Anthony. One of only four players ever to average at least 20 points per game every season of his career. This is really an embarrassment on whoever cultivated this list, they must have a personal vendetta against Melo, as if the dude isn’t going through enough. It’s thought processes like this that make me pray one day Melo gets out of the black hole that is the cancerous Knicks organization and actually plays on a contender in May/June before it’s too late.

If Melo is cool with suiting up once again with the Knicks come next month, I’m actually all for it at this point if the right deal isn’t out there and he won’t expand his trade list beyond the Rockets. Let’s say he plays well once again I could see his value driving up around the trade deadline in February, as a team looks to add a final piece to make a championship run. At the end of the day I won’t tolerate the disrespect of a player of Carmelo’s pedigree, but this storybook career deserves a different ending.

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