Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 32 – Back From Hiatus


The boys are back from hiatus and we had a lot to get into. We wrote about some important topics throughout our hiatus such as Game of Thrones, WFAN, and the Giants / Jets, but we never got to talk about them as a group. So the boys were firing today.

We talked about the status of WFAN, the feuds in pop music, and if I am a psycho when it comes to television and movies. I seem to only be watching dark dramas about murder and corruption so I brought that to the table and asked LordTreeSap and Producer Jim if I have a problem or not. I honestly think I might…

If you like what you hear, have suggestions, comments, want to rip the show to shreds, comment below, hit us up on social media, come to our houses, etc. Ok, DO NOT come to our houses, but if you see us out at a bar, stop us and let us know how you feel.


Here’s the Cheat Sheet

The boys of the DailyMixReport are back from their hiatus and recap everything they missed from the past couple of weeks. Topics include the WFAN Saga (2:00 – 16:00), Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry v. VMAs (16:00 -26:40), Movies / TV / is DG a psycho for watching disturbing programs (27:00 – 35:45)and a look into the world of a Giants and Jets fan (35:00 – 51:00).

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