DMR Fantasy Football League Power Rankings: Week 3

If you listen to the podcast (subscribe here), you might have heard us talk about our fantasy league. That’s right, we are currently in the 2nd year of the DMR Fantasy Football League. It’s a big bragging rights league since it includes myself, LTS, Producer Jim, and other fans / previous guests of the program. Our league is also different in the fact that no one drafted their team. Since not everyone is on the same playing field in terms of fantasy football knowledge, we auto draft every single team. Completely random so the team you get is the team you get.

To better fill you in on the league, I have decided to do a weekly power rankings article that ranks the teams / players 1 to 8. This way, when we mention it on the podcast, people will now be able to see how their favorite or least favorite (probably me) person is doing. Also, this is a great way to introduce you to the members of the league so you can start rooting for who you think will win.

So without further ado, here are the Week 3 Power Rankings.


1. JakePaul Team 10 – Eric The TV Watcher

No surprise as to who is at the top as Eric The TV Watcher has had 2 great weeks of 100+ points. Kareem Hunt has turned out to be an absolute stud so if he stays healthy, Eric has a shot at running the table. However, Eric is definitely one of the villains in the league. He disappeared for most of last year, won the game he had to win in the losers bracket, and then decided to play NO ONE the next week. That’s right, he took out his whole team. What a COCKY move and the league was not happy about it. That’s how Eric lives everyday BRO.

2. Can’t Lose Again – DG

Can’t lose again has not lost so far this season! This is a sore subject for me since I lost the league last year and will have to face a punishment before the end of the year is up. It will involve the Internet roasting me to shreds so if you have ever wanted to be a keyboard warrior and say shit to me, that will be your chance. Anyway, I can’t complain where I am as of now. I have a deep team of studs such as Mike Evans, Matt Ryan, Marcus Mariota, AJ Green, and Demaryius Thomas. If my rookie RBs can get going, Can’t Lose Again might have a redemption year.

3. Team Money Manziels – Tommy G

Little brother is right on my heels per usual. When I first asked Tom how his team was, he told me “My team F’ing sucks.” Well, we have a boy who cried wolf situation on our hands because Tommy is the highest scorer in the league. Talk about an overreaction! Devonta Freeman and Tom Brady as his 1-2 punch is scary shhhheeeeeeettttttttt. However, he might have to fortify that bench sooner rather than later. Also, change your name. Now.

4. Carton’s Scalpers – Luke from Ain’t No Daisy

Luke Skywalker definitely wins for best name since we are a pro-WFAN website and podcast. Luke had a nice Week 1 win over Lil Uzi Wojcik with huge games from Antonio Brown and the Rams D out of all people. Luke is a big fan of Flea but he was burned in Week 2 like a red hot chili pepper. Let’s see if he can bounce back after only putting up 80 points.

5. The Moon’s DowntownBonanza – Nick from Ain’t No Daisy

Nicky must be a fan of Daft Punk because he has gotten lucky these past two weeks. He managed to get a W in Week 1 with 83 points, but the clock struck midnight on this Cinderella story as he got blown out by yours truly in Week 2. That being said, 1-1 is definitely better than 2-0 so he has some wiggle room. Russell Wilson and Odell Beckham Jr. have not gotten off to good starts and the injury to Jordan Howard hurts (nice pun). Nick has a few options on his bench but only time will tell if he can handle the weight of scoring.

6. Kim K and AJ – LordTreeSap

LordTreeSap prides himself on preparing for drafts and picking up good value players so he was not thrilled when he joined an all auto-draft league. After taking an L in Week 1, Mike bounced back in Week 2 with a 109 point outburst. If Le’Veon Bell and Todd Gurley can play like the studs that they are, watch out. Week 3 puts together DG vs. LTS so winner gets control of the site aka I still have it no matter what but we can think that LTS has a chance of getting it.

7. XO Ball Life – Producer Jim

Jim is a product of wrong place, wrong time. He was destroyed in Week 1. Week 2, Jim put up a respectable 114 points but he still look the L like a 20 year old at Murphy’s Ladies Night. Can Lil Uzi Wojcik get back on track? Push Jim to the edge, all his team is dead. With injuries to Dak Prescott, Tyler Eifert, and the lack of production from Adrian Peterson, Jim is going to need to get back on track before it’s too late.

8. Boston TE Party – Sisi

He might be a legend in Yorktown, but he has been anything but legendary in the league. I really don’t mind Sisi’s team. Aaaron Rodgers and Gronk is a good start. CJ Anderson has been a bright spot as well. However, if Jordy Nelson is out, Sisi might have to turn to Chris Hulk Hogan and run wild on the rest of the league.

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week to see how we did.

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