DMR Fantasy Football League Power Rankings: Week 4

And we back *Chance The Rapper voice*

Here are the standings going into Week 4.

Not a lot has changed over the past week. This is a crucial week as 4-0 and 0-4 are real possibilities for some teams. That’s YUGEEEEEE. Let’s just get right into the rankings.

1. JakePaul Team 10 – Eric The TV Watcher

Another statement win for Eric The TV Watcher. He’s 2nd in the league in scoring so there’s a reason why he’s on top. Kareem Pie Hunt continues to make a mess on thr rest of the league. Honestly, Eric in this league is like Jake Paul in real life. As one gets more success, the neighbors begin to hate him and want him out. That’s just the everyday bro lifestyle.

2. Can’t Lose Again – DG

I’m coming for you, BRO ^^^^. Can’t Lose Again has still yet to lose! My team has been very consistent so far being lead by 2 rookie RBs in Fournette and Cook. I’m feeling even better after putting LTS, the fantasy guru *pause*, in his place last week. I took out one member of the Mix. Now, I’m coming for that ass, Producer Jim.

3. Carton’s Scalpers – Luke from Ain’t No Daisy

It looks like Carton’s scalpers has sold a lot of winning tickets as he sits in 3rd place with a 2-1 record. Luke leads the league in scoring after his 125.9 performance, which narrowly defeated Tommy G. I like Captain Kirk at QB and Antonion Big Brown at WR. If he can sure up the WR #2 position, there’s no reason why this team can’t slap the bass to a playoff berth.

4. The Moon’s DowntownBonanza – Nick from Ain’t No Daisy

Last week, I said that Trick Nicky was a product of luck, which he definitely has been. Well, my pep talk must’ve motivated him as he was the leading scorer in the league last week. Who would’ve thought that Stefon Diggs and Chris Thompson would be two of the top leading scorers in fantasy? If that production continues, watch out.

5.Ya Moms Sunday Sauce is Ragu – Tommy G

We got a name change! Now, Tommy was very unlucky last week as he lost despite dropping 121 points. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Tom Brady is on another planet right now and Freeman continues to keep his 3 year hot streak alive. That’s a one spicy meatball!

6. Golden Tate Warriors – LordTreeSap

Another name change! Michael, Michael, Michael. What happened? He’s 2nd to last in scoring and he was defeated by yours truly last week. It’s weird. Mike is really good at RB and WR, but everyone else has not shown up for his team whatsoever. I think Sap has to stop playing Bumble and start playing the wavier wire.

7. Boston TE Party – Sisi

At least you moved up a spot! That’s some Little Giants progress! Sisi actually had a solid showing last week, scoring over 100 points. Sisi has studs at QB, WR, and TE, but it’s his running backs that have been more suspect that Murphy’s on a Thursday. At 0-3, Sisi needs a W.

8. XO Ball Life – Producer Jim

I DON’T REALLY CARE IF YOU CRYYYYYYYYYYYYY when you lose. Last but not least, Producer Jim has had a nightmarish start to the year. He has scored the least and has given up the most. That’s just unlucky, folks! That being said, I’m sure the pendulum will swing his way at some point. It has to. But I hope it’s not this week. Hang in there, Jim.

Good luck, gentlemen.

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