DMR Fantasy Football League Power Rankings: Week 6

Welcome back to the DMR Fantasy Football League Power Rankings: Week 6.

Let’s take a peek at the standings, shall we?

Everything is still relatively close for this part of the season. There remains one undefeated team, but 3 teams are only 2 games behind so it’s still anyone’s race.

It’s Song Week! Pretend we’re doing American Idol without Sanjaya and everyone has to pick a song. Every team will be compared to a song so plug in the headphones, juice up, and enjoy the rankings.

1. Can’t Lose Again – DG

Last year, Bane broke my back and I lost this league. This year, I have risen. Somehow, someway, Can’t Lose Again still can’t lose. I won’t lie, it’s been an ideal start for your boy. However, I believe in Murphy’s law and something is going to go wrong. It is bound to happen and if I’m not ready for it, I’m in for a huge letdown. So it’s time I made my way back to Gotham to save the day.

2. JakePaul Team 10 – Eric The TV Watcher

Hold on for one more week. After a fast start, Eric the TV Watcher has now lost 2 straight blowouts. He still sits in good shape, but will things go his way? Eric doesn’t seem like the hold on type of guy. He’s a wildcard so I could see him dropping his whole team and picking up brand new players. You never know with the TV Watcher.

3. Carton’s Scalpers – Luke from Ain’t No Daisy

Anything Nick can do, Luke can do better. Luke can do fantasy better than Nick. For a week, for a week. Undertaker came out on top last week as he beat his brother Kane for the rights to Paul Bearer. At 3-2, Lucas is in a good spot as well, but has yet to register 2 wins in a row. Will he stop flip flopping like a pair of Reefs and get some consistency?

4. The Moon’s DowntownBonanza – Nick from Ain’t No Daisy

Gimme gimme points gimme points gimme gimme points. Nick has proven he can grind (out wins) better than a 7th grader at a Teen Canteen. The problem has been points. He’s still in a three-way tie for second, but the man needs to score like it’s prom night.

5. Ya Moms Sunday Sauce is Ragu – Tommy G

*switch Mike out for Shaq* The Italian Stallion got back in the win column after a Monday Night Miracle thanks to Jerrick McKinnon. You take what you can get in fantasy. However, Sunday Sauce runs into me this week so good luck with the Ragu, kid. I’ll take Prego.

6. Golden Tate Warriors – LordTreeSap

Michael noooooooo. Big Mike thought he had the victory in the bag on Monday night. He put his heart into last week, but needless to say, it has been broken. Mike should’ve known better not to chalk up Ws early because anything can happen in fantasy. Be better next time, kid.

7. XO Ball Life – Producer Jim

The man is in the win column! Congrats to Jimmy on the first W on the year. That being said, I’ve never met a more confident 1-4 team in my life. The kid talks more shit than a 13 year old on Call of Duty, but he did back it up last week so tip of the cap to him. Can he make it two straight or will he be eating a slice of humble pie when all is said and done?

8. Boston TE Party – Sisi

It’s been a rough start for young Sisilius. Losing to the only winless team is not ideal, but it was bound to happen after his team dropped the ball last week. If he doesn’t get a win this week, Elton John will be hammering those keys again as he sings the blues.

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