When Is It Ok To Talk About TV Shows With Spoilers?

“Woah woah woah. Spoilers!”

“Don’t say it! I haven’t watched it yet!”

“NOOOOOOO! I’m still only on the first episode!”

My biggest fear in life is not death. It’s not spiders or snakes. It’s up there with talking to women. My biggest fear in life…


There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING worse than having your favorite TV show ruined by spoilers. Nothing. It’s the definition of a kick to the nuts. It happens all too often because people can’t keep their mouth shut when it comes to talking about their shows. That’s right. It’s THEIR show. Not YOUR show. Let’s get that through your head right now. You could be one of the billion people on the planet who watches Thrones, but if someone asks you what you are doing on a Sunday night, you’ll 9 times out of 10 say “I’m watching MY show tonight” like the selfish human beings that we are.

Hey, I get it. I don’t own a lot of things in life so I’d like to think that I have some say when it comes to television. There are some things I know I don’t own. Game Of Thrones is one of those things. I can’t stack up with the book readers and I didn’t start watching when it first came out. I’m ok with letting those people own the show. On the contrary, This Is Us is for sure my show. I was on that train early. Do you write recaps of the show every week? No, didn’t think so. Actually, it was my dad who told me to watch so I’m technically the first mate to them.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of conversation: spoilers. How can they be stopped? Well the most obvious answer is to watch the show on time or finish binge watching it quickly. That will solve all your problems. However, I know a lot of you “popular” kids out there don’t like to sit at home all day and watch TV like yours truly. I get it. You have lives and I don”t, rub it in some more. However, if you miss the show, it’s extremely tough to go on the Internet or go to work the next day and not overhear someone talking about what you missed. It’s like you are a fire and everyone else gasoline. You want to contain the fire while your friends want to throw gasoline on and spread it. If I know I’m missing a show, I try to stay off of the Internet. Since I live on the Internet, it can be extremely difficult to do. This is will power at its finest. Do what you gotta do. Turn it off or put it in airplane mode. Whatever you have to do to avoid what happens to Jon Snow, you do it. Yes, I blame Game Of Thrones because that is the show that comes to mind when it comes to spoilers. I missed the episode where Hodor died (spoiler lol) and I found out from a group text message. Let me tell you, I was DEVASTATED.

Still haven’t answered the question yet, but I’m getting there. I think the answer varies for every show. Is it a popular show? Is it one night a week? Can you stream it right after? Is it on Netflix or another streaming service? You have to consider all of these things. First of all, if you spoil things to be an asshole on social media, then you truly are an asshole. I hope you never enjoy another thing in your life again. If it’s your job to review a show, then I’ll allow it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to tweet reactions to a show but I’ll try to keep it general to help out some people who missed it. ” Oh my god. What a show.” “Another heater tonight!” “The writers did it again.” Shit like that. Generic stuff.

Ok, FINALLY, I think I have created a fair scale depending on the show you watch when it comes to talking about a show with spoilers.

The Game Of Thrones Rule – Watch it live or at worst, later that night. You can barely last one minutes, let alone a few hours without seeing spoilers online.

This IS Us or any other show that’s popular on one night a week – The next morning rule. I write recaps the next morning where I’ll go in depth about what happened. I think this is a fair amount of time waited because it’s not as popping as Thrones on social media. You can even get away with lasting the whole next day if you’re careful.

Less popular once a week show that less people watch – one full day. That’s right. You get a full day without spoilers. If you watch the show on Tuesday night and miss it, you should be in a safe zone until Thursday morning. By then you should’ve watched it.

THE BIG ONE: Netflix or any streaming show – One week. This one is a very, VERY slippery slope. Binge watching a new show is something that is totally user generated. You can watch it as fast or as slow as you want. No shit Sherlock, but it’s true. This also depends on the type of show. Is it super popular or is it brand new? If it comes out on a Friday and you have nothing to do for the weekend, there’s no excuse for you to not finish it by Monday morning. If you’re not home, then you get some slack. I was away this past weekend so I couldn’t start Stranger Things 2 until Sunday night, where I crushed 3 episodes then, 4 episodes Monday night, and 2 episodes Tuesday night. If it’s a big show like that, you have to take the fast approach. That being said, I still think that one week is when you can start talking about it with spoilers. 7 days is more than enough time to finish a show of 8-13 episodes. Light work actually.

So why did I write this article? I wanted to rationalize when it’s ok to write a Stranger Things Season 2 review. Duh. So with that being said, my Stranger Things Season 2 Review will come out Friday morning of November 3rd. See you there and thanks for reading a lot of that crap just to get to the most important part here. Appreciate it.

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