Remembering Eddie Guerrero 12 Years Later

Viva La Raza. I lie. I cheat. I steal.

If you can believe it, Eddie Guerrero tragically died 12 years ago today. He would’ve been 50 years old and who knows, maybe he would’ve been on a part-time legends deal with the WWE, still mustering up enough strength to do a PERFECT frog splash.

When Eddie Guerrero died, the whole wrestling community stopped. Every single one, not just WWE.  Raw, Smackdown, TNA, OVW, and ROH all had touching tributes for Latino Heat. Eddie was one of the best in-ring performers of all time. All-time. Ric Flair said Eddie was a Top 10 opponent. Kurt Angle said Eddie was the second best wrestler of all time behind HBK. Y2J said when Eddie was on, there no was better performer in the world.

For me, there are two Eddie moments that will stick out. The first one is when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. A lot of people will call this their favorite Eddie moment and rightfully so. I thought Eddie had ZERO chance to dethrone Brock but boy was I wrong as this is one of the most memorable title wins in the championship’s history.

However, my favorite moment came in a loss. I’m talking about Eddie Guerrero’s frog splash off the cage vs. JBL for the WWE Title. The Eddie / JBL rivalry was one of the best rivalries of the 2000s. It made Smackdown must-watch TV and this frog splash is Eddie’s “iconic moment.” The look he gave before doing the move is one I’ll never forget. It looked personal. The slapping of his chest. Cole and Taz screaming “Don’t do it.” This was the passion that fans grew to come and love.

No doubt about it, Eddie Guerrero was one of the greats. He was taken too soon from this world, but his spirit still lives on. Thank you, Eddie.

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