Reality Setting In as Mike Francesa Enters Final 10 Shows at WFAN

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We are less than two weeks away from Mike Francesa’s last show before he leaves WFAN on December 15. Mike has spoken about how it is finally starting to sink in, and I feel the same way. There are some interesting programs coming up. I ordered tickets to his Sunday show next weekend. Francesa has said he’ll stay and give people what they need after his show ends, meaning pictures and autographs. He’ll do a live show on December 14. I had been thinking about how final shows usually don’t live up to the hype. At least in my opinion. Look at hosts like Letterman. There are lots of guests. It’s good in a way, but sort of becomes different than the regular programs. Kind of like huge games in the sports world. Not about real and regular fans. I was happy to hear Mike say that his finale will not feature lots of guests. He’ll be speaking with the callers. His fans. People who made him a huge success. Not just his show, but the station in general.

When Mike’s contract was coming to an end years ago, he agreed with management to extend it through the Super Bowl in 2014. Apparently because it was at MetLife Stadium. I wish he did the same this time around. For starters, he could have continued doing his weekly Sunday show instead of getting out due to not staying through the season. Back then I thought Russo might return home and take over when Mike left. This time I had similar hopes. Chris keeps extending his contract in Radio Nowhere. I’ve always felt like he should right his wrong by coming back. That would make for a seamless transition. When it became clear that we were not getting another stint of Chris, I wanted Joe and Evan to take the slot. Again, I felt like it wouldn’t seem as if we were going through a major change. At least one of them. Maybe Joe and another partner do 10-2 while Roberts gets Mike’s shift with someone else. No such luck.

Recently we were treated to some vintage Francesa. He exploded as the Giants decided to bench Eli Manning. It was typical Mike. He complained that Ben McAdoo stated Geno Smith gave the Giants a better chance to win than Eli Manning. Others didn’t hear it quite that way, but few people cared. His passionate and confident take drew rave reviews. This reminded me of the Mike I grew up with. His opinion seemed to be the only one fans were interested in. If you had strong feelings and Francesa agreed, it validated your view. When you were uncertain, Francesa came on and told you how to feel. Big Mike showed that he still has a fire in him. Before we get to his next chapter, let’s enjoy the time we’ve got left. Hopefully there are many more special moments before Francesa signs off.


Funhouse also has an uncertain future. We need to cherish his work, too. Joe and Evan will do some shows around the holidays as if they were typically filling in for Mike, so that’s good. We’ll get through this together. Look for Joey 2-Liter at Mulcahy’s next weekend.

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