The Roast Of DG Video Is Here

It’s here.

The Roast of DG is now live for your viewing pleasure. It was my time to face the music and boy, did I face it alright. Sap and Producer Jim took all of the best comments and compiled them together for me to read on air. These were my first, initial reactions because I stayed off of the page in order to get an honest comment from myself. Some were great, some were funny, and some downright took a shot at my ego. Here were some of the memorable ones.

If you’re comparing me to a Heisman Trophy winning QB who is good looking, I’ll take that any day of the week.

There is a reason I still get ID’ed for lottery…

Kind’ve mean!

Kill shot.

They get worse, folks. Watch the video and find out!

Thanks to Sap and Producer Jim for helping out with the video. Total team video. More videos from the DMR team in the future. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Also, shoutout to Luke for being in the dungeon crew and for handing me the roasts to read. Danny T Rex Arms could not have done it without you.

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