One More Week of Cherishing Mike Francesa

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Five more days. That is all Francesa has left. People can write weekly reviews of shows they watch, so I can write another article about Mike. It’s not like I’ll be able to do it for much longer. Besides, it’s basically all I think of and care about these days. Okay, that’s a stretch. It isn’t far from the truth though. These final shows are pretty much my priority. Plans and appointments are made around them.

Obviously many people have been thanking Mike for his 30 years. One person brought up the 1993 Giants-Braves pennant race. That time was one of my absolute favorites. I remember things from that summer, but this caller brought up a memory of Mike and Chris calling into Ian Eagle after San Francisco won a game against Atlanta. Russo screamed the name of a Giant who had won the game by homering and breaking a tie. John Patterson. Honestly, I had to look up the name. It became a footnote as Atlanta won out eventually. Mike had no memory of this. The caller didn’t have every detail, but I did know what he was talking about. Ira in Rochester is the guy who called in. Years ago he called Benigno one afternoon and spoke about how Joey from Yonkers was his favorite caller from the overnight. He also said that someone else who listened and talked to him agreed. They both liked Joey the best. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to tell that story.

Anyway, despite our memories not quite being crystal clear, we did recall something fun from that crazy summer nearly 25 years ago. I feel like 1992 was when I became a regular listener, but 1993 got me hooked and provided some special moments. Speaking of memories, it was an amazing week. Twitter supplied incredible material. Funhouse did his usual stellar work. OrdioMongo went into the vault and pulled out some classics. Christmas came early for us fans.

Despite Mike becoming a shell of himself in recent years, he really used to know his stuff. People would say that he might have flaws like being arrogant, but Mike was extremely intelligent. Russo seemed more like a sidekick who was just there for entertainment. Chris tweaked Yankee fans with the payroll argument. Last month Francesa talked about how Chris has some memory. He went out of his way to defend Russo, and praised him for things like hockey knowledge. Mike admits that it isn’t his area of expertise.

Fans have thanked Mike for his class. This is one thing that drew me to the show. He often liked to prioritize behavior. Even today Francesa criticizes athletes. Odell Beckham comes to mind. However, he just talked about sports. Broke it down. Reviewed games. Came at you straight. Guys like Jim Rome were too busy acting like morons. Search his name and Jim Everett. When other hosts were talking about Tiger Woods in 2009, Mike was professional. He didn’t discuss Tiger’s marriage, cheating, or what might have happened in great detail. It wasn’t a sports issue, other than the golf part. Francesa wasn’t about sleazy radio.

Also, he has been able to get on great guests for 30 years. Except when people are mad at him. There is a long list. Thanks again, Mike. Good luck with your future endeavors. Sorry that things didn’t work out with the revolutionary app.

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