Michael Beasley And The Second Unit Help Knicks Defeat Celtics

Live look at Michael Beasley.

What a win for the Knickstape. The Celtics are the NBA’s best team? Pshhh. Trying telling that to Michael Beasley. In all honesty, what an entertaining game from start to finish. From the Knicks fast start to letting the Celtics get back into the game, it was great action back and forth. Then the fourth quarter happened. Let this tweet sink in your mind.

That was the lineup for the majority of the 4th quarter. Horny Hornacek will do this from time to time. He likes to ride the hot hand and if a lineup is clicking, he won’t mess it up no matter how the game is going. He wasn’t getting the best games out of the starters. Zinger was horrible, but it was his first game back from an extended break so I’m cutting him some slack for the rust. Kanter, Jack, and Lee played solid, but the Knicks couldn’t seem to break away. Then, the second lineup came in towards the end of the 3rd quarter and things started to change. Stop beating around the bush, Dan. Just talk about Michael Beasley.

MVP MVP MVP. This is why he was brought to New York. He was born to get buckets. 32 points with 28 in the second half. I feel like I’m doing him a disservice by saying he was unstoppable in that 4th quarter. Every possession, Beasley was getting the ball and working his magic. Pull up jumpers, bank shots, layups, getting to the free throw line. He was doing it all. He’s arguably the best Knicks player who can get his own shot. Beasley is the type of player you need to lead a second unit. Jamal Crawford, JR Smith, etc. You need someone that can come in and put up instant offense. That’s exactly what Beasley gives the Knicks. However, in times of need, Beasley can turn back the clocks, prove why he was a #2 pick, and play like a star. Beasley was a star last night.

It’s not like Beasley was the only one out there. The 2nd unit stepped up big time. Frankie, Dougie McBuckets, Black Irish, and Ronnie B all played a part in last nights win. This unit helped put up 34 points in that magical 4th quarter. Since it was the first night of a back to back, it gave the starters some much needed rest going into tonight.

It’s so easy to get behind this Knicks team. It’s hard to believe that most of this team was apart of last year’s nightmare. It’s night and day. This year, the team is much more loose and free. Horny is allowed to coach the way he wants to coach. Everyone doesn’t have to worry about the triangle and Phil Jackson. They can just play hard, competitive basketball, which is all I want. The team has to learn how to win on the road in order to be in contention for a playoff spot and with 16 of our next 20 on the road, we’re going to have to learn fast. Also, you’re not a true Knicks fan if you think this team won’t have a letdown and lose by 20 to the Pistons tonight. It would be typical Knicks. However, this is not a typical Knicks team. They’re young, hungry, and fun to watch, which is something that brings a smile to face.

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