18 Years Ago Today Bill Belichick Resigned as New York Jets Head Coach

January 4th, 2000. Bill Belichick steps to the podium just 24 hours after becoming head coach of the Jets and successor to Bill Parcells with a piece of paper that read, “I resign as HC of the NYJ.” And just like that the New York Jets franchise was altered forever, as Belichick went on to take the Patriot job amid a turbulent ownership change in New York just over two weeks later. The Jets received a first round pick as compensation for Belichick in the 2000 draft, which happened to turn into Shaun Ellis.

Bill teamed up with Tom Brady and has gone on to torture Jets fans with a 19-9 record against us this millennium. Belichick has compiled 214 regular season wins in 18 years at the helm in New England, delivering 5 Super Bowls in 7 trips with a .743 win percentage. Ironically, the Jets ushered in the Brady era after Mo Lewis knocked quarterback Drew Bledsoe out in a 2001 regular season match up in Foxborough.

As a kid you hear about something like this and don’t think much of it. The magnitude of this move amplifies each year, as the Pats notched their eighth straight 12-win season and 15th consecutive 10-win campaign. Then you have the New York Jets, whose owner took a job in the U.K. to assist Donald Trump’s agenda, and still have not found an answer to their lingering quarterback situation since Parcells departed in 2000.

One thing in football history that I don’t think gets enough credit was Bill Parcells’ ability to turn around tumultuous franchises. The Big Tuna led the Giants (2 Super Bowl Victories) and Patriots (One Super Bowl Appearance) before helping resurrect the Jets, while adding stability and direction to the Cowboys and Dolphin front offices.


I’m really looking forward to ESPN’s The Two Bills 30 For 30 at the top of February detailing the history between Belichick and Parcells, who hasn’t spoke much since departing from NFL sidelines. I need some closure on why Bill Belichick left the Jets to finally put this curse to rest. All we are left is what could have been and a snake-bitten franchise. The upcoming 2018 season marks 50 years since our lone Super Bowl victory. The misery never ends.


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