Golden Globes 2018: Reactions And Thoughts


The first major awards show of 2018 has come to a close. All eyes were on the Golden Globes last night especially for reasons that did not deal with acting. How would Hollywood tackle the issues from #MeToo and the wage gap at the awards? Plus, with TV locked up before it even started, would there be any surprises in the film categories? Here my reactions and thoughts from the 2018 Golden Globes.

– I filmed this last night shortly after the ceremony so here is my instant reaction from last night. After sleeping on these thoughts, I’m going to stand by them.

– Not awful predictions.

– Big Little Lies Dominates. Ok, I’ll toot my own horn for one second because I don’t even have a horn when I have to talk about movies. Myself and everyone on the planet predicted that Big Little Lies would win a lot of awards and that’s exactly what happened. They won in every category where they had a nomination. I enjoyed the show so for the most part, I had no major problems.

– The Handmaid’s Tale makes a splash as well. Hell yes! I’ve been on the Handmaid’s Tale bandwagon so I’m pumped that they got their recognition. What an unbelievable and unique show. Well deserved wins for Best Drama and Best Leading Actress from the best actress on TV, Elisabeth Moss. However, I did have one problem…

– Ann Dowd had my vote for best supporting actress as Aunt Lydia in the Handmaid’s Tale. It was arguably the best performance I saw all year in television. Her chilling demeanor and presence kept you on the edge of your seat while watching. At least she has an Emmy to her name.

– Randall the GOAT wins AND makes history! This Is Us Fam, STAND UP!

– I saw this thread on Twitter last night.

– Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri AND Get Out are both good movies. That is a true statement. Just because one movie won awards and one did not should not take anything away from either. Get Out should have won Best Comedy / Musical. However, some voters favor certain movies more than others. The Post, Dunkirk, and Call Me By Your Name all got shut out as well so a lot of films might have gripes with the voters. It sucks, but it happens.

– Frances McDormand is a badass.

– So is Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird.

– Just because you won at the Golden Globes does not mean you will win at the Oscars. This seems to be a common trend every year. Globes voters and Oscars voters have different opinions on how to vote on films. I believe this trend will continue and I’m looking at the supporting categories. Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney both won in their respecting supporting categories. However, if Willem Dafoe and Laurie Metcalf win for supporting actors at the Oscars, which I think will happen, I won’t be surprised whatsoever. I also think there Best Picture is still up for grabs because anything can happen. Look at Moonlight last year.

– I’m still pulling for Christopher Nolan and Dunkirk. I think we as a community overlook and take Christopher Nolan and his filmmaking abilities for granted. If he never wins a Golden Globe or Oscar, shame on us.

– Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!

– I gasped when I heard this.

– Time’s Up. The biggest story of the night and it had nothing to do with acting at all. If you turned on the TV and had no previous knowledge about the show, you would’ve thought that all of the stars in attendance were at a funeral instead of an awards show because of the black attire. However, the black attire had to do with Time’s Up, the movement to end sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace in light of all the horrible abuse stories from the #MeToo movement.

– Oprah made the speech of the night because well, she’s Oprah and she’s the most powerful person on the planet.

– Just wanted to say thank you for the social media love last night on My Twitter and the site’s Twitter. Give @Danny_giro and @dailymixreport a follow!

And with that, the Golden Globes are over. See you all at the SAG Awards!

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