LaMelo And LiAngelo Ball Combine For 80 Points With LaVar As Assistant Coach

SB Nation – LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are playing like they never left Chino Hills. The Ball brothers combined for 80 points and 17 rebounds in a Big Baller Brand Challenge win over Alytaus Dzūkija.

The Ball Brothers brought NBA 2K’s Pro Am league to life with crazy three-pointers and up-and-down play. LaMelo led the way with 43 points and seven rebounds while LiAngelo dropped 37 and added on another 10 rebounds.

Them Ball Brothers did it again! LaVar moves to assistant coach and this happens. Coincidence?

LaMelo went OFF, hitting 5 BOMBS in a row as well as showing off the hops on a slam.

Get up, young fella! Let’s also not forget about Liangelo, who went 37 and 10. Casual day at the office.

Yes, these Big Baller Brand Challenge games are against lesser competition, but at the end of the day, you still have to put the ball in the hoop and both Balls have shown they can do that. In their last challenge game, they put up 60 combined points and got a nod of approval from Shaq. Plus, it’s great exposure for #BBB.

Will they make it to the NBA? I don’t know. Both Balls are still super young especially LaMelo so if they start to do this against tougher competition, anything is possible. The real story is our Big Baller Brand founder, LaVar, had a successful international coaching debut. United States. Lithuania. Earth. Mars. The Universe. That’s the order of the Big Baller Brand Takeover. I’m just happy to be apart of the Big Baller Nation.

Oh, LaVar is going to coach the Lakers one day. Definition of must-see television.

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