The City of Philadelphia Did It Again

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I was going to write about the Minnesota fans. They were upset about losing against the Eagles. There was talk that they would drive Philadelphia fans to incorrect locations on purpose when people called for Uber. It came out well in advance, which I would think spoils their plans. Minnesota fans are not very bright. Apparently Eagles players were denied reservations. Must be all that cold weather ruining their brains. I read that there was going to be a bus shortage.


We had our share of problems for the New York Super Bowl. Of course that wasn’t really in New York. Gregg Giannotti told a strange and somewhat humorous story about wolves mating in Minnesota. We wondered if they were just making stuff up to screw with people from out of town. Then, I remembered why people hate Philadelphia.

It was bad enough when they beat Minnesota and made the Super Bowl. Police anticipated problems. They put Crisco on poles. That didn’t work. Last night was bad. Fires were set, and property was damaged. Traffic lights were taken down. I have heard that there is a video of someone eating horse crap. These people just do not know how to behave.

When the Rangers won in 1994, New York didn’t do ridiculous stuff like this. People were happy. Jim Cramer seems to be a classy guy. You can’t lump everybody together. There are going to be exceptions both ways. Speaking of famous fans, Kevin Hart acted like a clown. He was not allowed up on the podium. Poor baby. The guy is not a football player. You would think maybe he could have made it up there based on being short enough to hide behind others.

The Empire State Building was green for Philadelphia’s win. I don’t think New York victories are celebrated in Philadelphia. Maybe one day we will see a Jets or Knicks title. Those teams have not won championships in my lifetime. We’ll see if fans eat poop, and whether or not Philly fans are happy for us.

By the way, at least one of your touchdowns should not have counted. Maybe two. Tainted title. Too bad the Patriots didn’t win. Congratulations on making the Boston fan base look good. I was rooting for New England. They played a fair game. Those guys didn’t get any calls. They never catch a break.

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