This Is Us Season 2, Episode 16 Reaction: Viva Las Vegas

It feels good to have the Pearsons back in our lives. After a short hiatus for the Winter Olympics, This Is Us aired their third to last episode of the season last night. By now, I hope that you have stopped crying after an emotional two episodes where we said goodbye to Superdad, Jack Pearson. Last night’s episode shifted away from dying and turned the attention to marriage as Toby and Kate celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, back in the past, Jack and Rebecca celebrated their anniversary.

Season 2, Episode 16: “Vegas, Baby”

NBC / This Is Us

– I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but the bachelor and bachelorette parties from last night seemed pretty PG. I understand that The Hangover style party is unrealistic and This Is Us is a family show, but none of the characters were drunk. Make it PG-13 next time and let the boys take some shots!

– I’ve been trying to figure out the timeline for when the wedding will happen. Last night was a good clue with their respective parties. It’s possible that the season 2 finale could be the wedding, but I think it’s unlikely. Beginning of season 3 is a good bet. That being said, the wedding will be waterworks city in due part to Jack’s absence. My prediction is Kate gets cold feet because Jack isn’t there, but Randall and Kevin calm her down and we’re left with the emotional shot of the Big 3 walking down the aisle.

– I appreciated the interaction between Kate and Randall. Out of all the different combinations you can make with the Big 3, Kate and Randall is definitely last in terms of significance and attention. Kate felt replaced by Beth, which lead to her jealousy of Beth and Randall. The backstory of Kate and Randall hanging out after Jack died showed that they are closer than we thought. Notice how Kevin was not there. Did he move away already? As always, Randall knew exactly what to say (shocker). Kate then bonded with Beth. They both share their insecurities and put their tension behind them. As great as Jack and Rebecca are, it’s the Big 3’s relationships with each other that make this show “click.” Here’s to more sibling bonding in the future.

– I have to spotlight Toby’s jacket. A+. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

NBC / This Is Us

– Toby Bryant has always felt like he can’t break through to the Big 3. Using his Star Wars reference, he’s on the outside looking in. Last night, Toby formed the all-male Big 3 with Randall and Kevin. All Toby wants is acceptance and last night, he took a huge step towards breaking into the family. It must be hard knowing that no matter what you say and do, you will never be able to feel their pain when it comes to Jack. That’s just reality, and Toby is finally starting to come to terms with that. Also, I am very intrigued about the idea of Toby’s brother. He has to show up at some point, right? Maybe he shows up the wedding?

– Jack and his grand romantic gestures. I pray that women don’t expect all of their husbands to be like Jack. That’s like asking a baby to dunk a basketball. It’s not going to happen. Jack and Rebecca did Jack and Rebecca things last night, but I was so surprised with Kevin. For the first time in the history of humanity, Kevin was not an annoying brat. When he wants to, Kevin can channel his inner Jack. I expect Kevin to do a grand romantic gesture towards Sophie in the near future.

– I saved the most important news for the end. The Deja saga is back on and it has taken a new twist. After Randall and Beth’s bickering, they both realized that they miss Deja. Randall knew something was off when Deja asked him for money and then randomly called him in Las Vegas. When the duo visits Deja, they find her and the mother sleeping in a car. Things are not looking up for Deja, but have no fear, Randall and Beth will save the day per usual. It will not be in the form of an adoption, but perhaps Randall and Beth will sponsor Deja and her mother. Perhaps they give them a room in their new apartment building or give the mother a job.

It looks like next week is going to be an all Randall / Beth / Deja episode. All-Randall episodes have worked before CC: Randall and William’s trip to Memphis. Will it work again? See you next week.

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