The NCAA Women’s Final Four Weekend Was Spectacular

This past weekend, I watched three incredible women’s basketball games. All three games came down to the wire with two of them going to overtime and two of them ending with buzzer beaters from the same player. You could not have asked for a better trio of games.

What could’ve been the best shot of the weekend ended up becoming an afterthought. Game 1 on Friday saw Mississippi State hit a 3 with under 10 seconds left to send the game to overtime, where they would go on to beat Louisville. After watching this clip in realtime and now on replay, Louisville was fouled on the layup and should’ve went to the line.

Game 2 – David beat Goliath…again. For the second year in a row, Uconn lost on a heartbreaking buzzer beater, this time at the hands of Notre Dame. UConn battled all game and when they sent it into overtime, I thought luck would run out for the Irish.

I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. I would like to apologize to Arike Ogunbowale for having no faith in the Irish.

I’m sure Arike Ogunbowale would have been happy with one memorable buzzer beater at the Final Four. Apparently, that epic moment was not enough for her. She decided to outdo herself and win the title with another buzzer beater. Challenge, accepted.

UNREAL. I love this announcer’s cam that ESPN did to show the live reactions. Adam Amin, Kara Lawson, and Rebecca Lobo are a great team and should be used to call more games going forward.

It was the perfect end to a stellar weekend for women’s basketball. Everyone is jacked up for the men’s championship game tonight, but in terms of exciting games, the women’s tournament has the upper hand.

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