Colin Cowherd With The Hottest Of Takes About Giannis Antetokounmpo

When the take is too hot…

As a fellow hot take lover, this is an A+ hot take. When the DMR #sources showed me this screenshot, I actually fainted. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the best player on the Milwaukee Bucks and a Top 10 player in the NBA, may not have any real impact on his team.

Surely, there are stats to support this. As Giannis got better, there is no way the team got better too. No chance.

I’m also pretty positive that Giannis does make opposing coaches lose sleep at night. Why prepare for a player that doesn’t really impact his team?

I even listened to segment (which hopefully you can watch below).

The whole argument was made around how people told Cowherd that Giannis was “the new guy” and LeBron was the comparison to prove his point. LeBron is arguably the greatest player to ever live. Giannis is not. Who said Giannis is the next LeBron? Then, Ben Simmons was brought into the mix as “the new guy.” However, the basis of the argument was Giannis has not won a playoff series and yet Ben Simmons, who plays on a better team but has not won a playoff series, has now become “the new guy?” I like Ben Simmons, but Giannis is better than him right now. Giannis needs to win a playoff series to make him an all-time great. That is a fact. However, let’s not compare him to a player that has only played in one out of two seasons and is in his first playoff series ever. You know who lost in the first round of the playoffs during his second season? Giannis.

Once the segment started, the Rock explained my thoughts perfectly.

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