Mike Francesa’s Return to WFAN Makes Life Meaningful Once Again

I have been very depressed lately. Ever since March Madness ended. You just can’t find that thrill anywhere else. At least I can’t. Football comes close, but we are still months away. Plus, I’ve been struggling to come up with good writing topics. I had some lingering March Madness thoughts, but time got away from me. It became too late to go down that road again. Other than previewing and reviewing HBO’s Andre The Giant documentary, I have not had much to say.

Last week I was ready to write about all the postponements in baseball. Evan Roberts discussed this. He hit on all of my points. Writing an article that recapped what he said seemed foolish. People who had heard him would think I just stole his ideas, and even giving him credit would not really accomplish a whole lot. I’d just be typing points that had been said on WFAN earlier that day.

Suddenly, the sky brightened. Mike Francesa will be returning to WFAN. People never thought he would leave. They said they’ll believe that when they see it. I remember thinking that he had a chance to change his mind when Craig Carton was arrested. A friend texted me the same thing. Mike offered to stay around. At least for a little bit. This was our first hint about Mike regretting the decision to leave.

After Mike’s departure, we started to hear that he missed it more than anticipated. Everybody except Francesa knew that he would miss it, and we also knew that his fans would miss him. More importantly, WFAN was missing him from a ratings standpoint. Clearly losing to Michael Kay was unacceptable. The way to fix their ratings was obvious. I kept thinking about when Jay Leno left. Conan replaced him. They tried putting Leno on before Conan and local news. Leno ultimately proved that you could go home again. I figured, “Why not Francesa?” Mike always said that you didn’t want to replace a legend. Only Francesa could replace himself. Kind of like when Mike called in during the summer as Joe and Evan filled in for him. Benigno would say that only Mike could come on his own show as a guest.

Carlin and the gang handled an incredibly tough situation with class. I wonder if they will work from different studios. They are likely going to be signing off when Mike gets ready to come on. Seeing each other would be extra awkward. Anyway, remember the important thing. My life will once again have meaning.

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