Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 5 Recap: Ronnie (Still) Loves Sam

How much alcohol do you think the cast actually consumes in one night? This was the one thought going through my mind last night during the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Maybe a couple bottles of liquor? You rarely see them drinking beer so I definitely would not be able to party with them. Whatever the total is, it sure seems like a lot.

Back to last night’s episode. We found out if Ron cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, if he still loves Sam, and what happens when you continue to drink instead of sleeping. Let’s get into the recap.

Season 1, Episode 5: “About Last Night”

– I will preface the recap with this. I thought last night’s episode was the weakest of the season. For an episode that was teased with so much drama, it fell short since Ron never ended up talking to Jen, his pregnant girlfriend. What I’ll take away is Ron’s life is a mess and he still loves Sammi. Anyone who has watched at least one episode of Jersey Shore could’ve told you that.

– What is your definition of cheating? Is it dancing / grinding on other people? Is it getting in a hot tub with half naked women? Are you allowed to do all of this as long as you don’t hook up with them? However you answer this is how you will judge Ronnie. For me, if I had a pregnant girlfriend and she saw me dancing with a girl who was wearing a see-through shirt, she’s kicking me out of the house. She would NOT be happy and if the roles were reversed, I would not be happy too. It’s not like he was trying to be a wingman. Ronnie was touching her hiney the whole night! Ew! Ronnie, you cheated on your pregnant girlfriend.

– If Pauly D has to interrupt your bathroom session with this girl, it’s cheating. “Bro, it’s not even worth it” needs to go on a t-shirt.

– It’s SO hard to sympathize with Ron.

– I laughed at the next line. Super messed up, but still funny.

– Then, Ronnie dropped a “bombshell.”

Wait for it.

He still loves…


In other news, water is wet. OF COURSE he still loves Sam. He was with her for almost a decade. Ron is having a midlife crisis. He doesn’t know how to handle having a child with a girl that he is not sure about. This happens all too often, except Ron has an audience during his crisis.

– If Snooki came up to my child with Ron on a bender, I’m leaving the restaurant immediately.

– This was an interesting roast session and gave us “Petty Mike.” Nothing major. Ron and Mike need to fight again. Just make sure there are no walls present.

– The yacht scene was anything but memorable for me. All I’ll say is Mike proclaimed he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Well guess what? WE GOT OURSELVES A SITUATION.

– I’m also shocked too, Vin.

– I don’t mean to pile on Ronnie this episode because he’s hilarious and his drunken antics on the dance floor give me life. I’m not the moral police in any way, shape, or form. However, it’s crazy to me that Ron doesn’t think he did something wrong. It’s excuse after excuse after excuse. Ron is the kid who gets out in dodgeball early on, takes his ball, and walks home. He’ll argue the whole time saying he didn’t get out even though everyone saw it. The same goes for this nightclub instance. You cheated. Man up. Apologize. Move on.

– VERY low blow…I laughed in shock.

– The show ends with Mike’s girlfriend informing the gang that there is an IG account that had videos of Ronnie dancing on the girl with the scandalous shirt. Classic!

Hopefully next episode involves more of the cast. See you next week.

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