Prayers Answered: New York Jets Finally Land Their Savior by Selecting Sam Darnold

Last night, something finally went right for our beloved New York Jets franchise. It’s been 50 years since their lone Super Bowl win and this organization has been starved for a franchise quarterback since the days of Joe Namath.

Coming into the draft, I figured the idea of having the chance to draft Darnold at three was a pipedream, but that somehow became a reality. The football gods cast a spell on the Browns who selected Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall and the Giants continued their win-now approach with Penn State RB Saquon Barkley.

That all set the table for the Jets to end the quarterback drought and select a QB in 20-year-old Sam Darnold for the first time since Mark Sanchez also out of USC in 2009. The euphoric moment allowed fans to dream about one day hoisting that elusive Lombardi Trophy.

I want to give GM Mike Maccagnang some credit here as well. He had a plan and executed it perfectly once Kirk Cousins signed with the Vikings. Where are all of the people that were critical of the Jets giving up three 2nd rounders to move up from 6 to 3 and snag the consensus No. 1 QB?

Celebrate the moment my fellow NYJ fans. This could finally be the move that alters the franchise forever. The chance to flip the script on Giants fans and make this our town as they live in the regret of passing on a potential 15-year starter.

You can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Patriots empire in addition to murky futures with Buffalo and Miami, making this possibly the night that truly shifted the narrative of the Jets organization.

There are definitely high expectations and much work is to be done but Darnold actually walks into a great situation to learn and soak in as much as he can in year 1. Jeremy Bates is a bright offensive mind that I hope is around for years to come. A competitive quarterback room with Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown will also benefit the USC product. The 38-year-old McCown is a perfect mentor figure to help Darnold progress in the early stages of his career. He even had some fun at his own expense, posting a text message with his daughter who pointed out the fact she’s only a year younger than Sam.

If you’re like me, you’re drowning in Sam Darnold highlights like it’s the newest drug on the planet. The future is bright my friends. No more quarterback jokes from other fans. Our time is coming. I selfishly want the rest of my 20’s to be a fun time for Jets fanatics.

The journey begins. 4/26/2018.

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