Evil Genius: The Pizza Bomber Saga Makes Netflix The King Of True Crime

Making A MurdererThe Keepers. Wild Wild Country. The Confession Tapes. Add Evil Genius to the list of successful binge-worthy true crime documentaries at Netflix.

There are strange stories. There are weird stories. And then, there are stories that are so strange and weird that words don’t do it any justice. That fits the description of Evil Genius: True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist, a four part documentary that premiered on May 11th and can be seen on Netflix.

Evil Genius begins in 2003, when a man named Brian Wells walked into a bank with a bomb around his neck in Erie, PA. Brian delivered pizzas for a local restaurant so for him to walk into a bank with a loaded gun and bomb around his neck, asking for $250,000 was peculiar to say the least. Flash forward to a standoff between Brian and the cops not too long after. The bomb begins to tick and Brian begins to worry as he lays on the ground in handcuffs.


The device explodes, killing Brian instantly, a disturbing moment that is caught on camera. That all happens within the first 20 minutes of the first episode. After viewing all four episodes, the bomb explosion might be the least unusual aspect of the documentary. That’s all thanks to the star of the film, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. Bipolar, brash, and brilliant, when the camera is on Marjorie, it’s showtime. From her troubles in early adulthood to her violent crimes, to steal the title of another show, the viewer witnesses the making of a murderer.

This is not your simple cut and dry bank robbery. Someone or some people were pulling the strings. Marjorie might have been the alleged evil genius and “master manipulator” in all of this, but her hands are not the only ones with blood on them. With the ex-lover, the drug addict, and a convicted rapist by her side, Marjorie and the team set out to cash in on the bank heist. With more details being introduced in later episodes, the question of all questions remains at the heart of the matter. Was Brian Wells involved in the bank heist plan or was he in the wrong place at the wrong time?

From dead bodies in freezers to mysterious confessions, Evil Genius depicts a unique story about a bank heist gone wrong. The cat and mouse game of “he said, she said,” leaves the viewer questioning the motives of each individual and muddies the waters of truth and lies. Even after the the four episodes, the viewer still might ponder the identify of the true Evil Genius. One thing is for certain. This case is as strange as it gets.

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