Laurel vs. Yanny: What Do You Hear? Spoiler Alert: We’re All Dumb

Laurel or Yanny. What do you hear?

Yours truly was early to the debate yesterday morning and I proclaimed I was on Team Laurel.

As the day went on, I listened to it again and I got Yanny. How is that possible?! Why am I hearing two different names at two different times? When it comes to the Internet in 2018, to steal a phrase from the kids, you must be “woke.” No mom, not “I just woke up.” I was tipped off early that it had something to do with your headphones and speakers, but still had no proof. Now, there’s a video with answers.

Audio illusions 1, The People on the Internet 0. Nothing like a Twitter video to keep you humbled and put you in your place. That being said, am I a Debbie Downer for sharing this video? Did I ruin a fun debate? I honestly hope so. Now, I can’t talk with anyone about this debate because I’ll make some snarky comment about audio frequencies and sound levels. I hate to be an asshole, but I will enjoy being an asshole about Laurel vs. Yanny. I didn’t choose this life. It chose me.

Can we debate important topics on the Internet again? I miss those days.

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