Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 8 Recap: I’m In Love With A Stripper

This song has to be played while reading the recap.

Season 1, Episode 8: “The Temptation of the Keto Guido”

– Top 5 Gifs of the season^^^^

– In typical Jersey Shore fashion, the fight between Ronnie and Jenni ended within 5 minutes of the new episode. It was a one-sided affair in terms of who was right and who was wrong. Jenni was 100% right and Ron was 100% wrong. Case closed. Ronnie with the tear was a nice, sentimental touch on his part. If you can’t beat them, make them feel sorry for you. That’s a classic little kid tactic and it still works to this day. Well done, Ron Ron.

– It’s strippppppppppp clubbbbbbbbbbbb timmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

– Every friend group has “the strip club guy.” There’s always one person in the group to bring up the words “strip club” whenever your group gets together. Guy or girl, it doesn’t matter. There’s always “that person.” The guy is always scheming to get to the club. This person usually spends way too much money when they go out and has no conscience. The strip club guy will also look to bum a cigarette when they are drunk because that’s what they do. It always happens. P.S. Don’t smoke, kids. It’s bad for you!

– Whether you like them or hate them, strippers have to make money to pay the rent just like you and me. Stealing their money is not a good look, Snooki!

– Hmm makes you think.

– This episode had a few funny parts, but it was not a cohesive episode. We’re at the strip club one moment, playing the Guido Olympics at another moment, and then Mike shops for an engagement ring. It didn’t flow well.

– To be honest, I always forget that you need to buy your wife two rings. I feel your pain, Mike.

– I’ve been on and off with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette over the years. I’ve probably watched less than 5 full seasons, but I’ll follow along on the Internet just so I don’t feel left out in the conversation. That being said, I would 100% watch Pauly D on The Bachelor. The man is charismatic and entertaining. Sign him up now.

– Guido Olympics? Pass. Time filler.


– To reiterate last week’s point, no one should come into the house with a boyfriend or girlfriend unless they are married. When they go to these clubs, I’m sure there are hundreds of guys and girls coming up to them every two seconds. The club is not a place where I would like to meet my wife, or vice versa for women finding husbands. Single Vinny in Season 2 will be fun to watch.

– I’m actually surprised producers give them an iTouch. I know on most MTV shows, they don’t allow cell phones, cable, or Internet. But the Jersey Shore cast can pretty much do whatever they want after being their top show. So an iTouch is a luxury!

– The end of the episode was mediocre. Vinny dressing up as a woman was nice surprise, but as I previously stated, the episode was not cohesive and jumped all over the place.

Here I was thinking there were 2 episodes left. Turns out there are 6! See you next week.

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