Breaking: Season 2 Of The Daily Mix Report Podcast Is Live

Sort of…

It’s time to talk about the podcast. Towards the end of last year, myself, Sap, and Producer Jim all felt that we needed to take a brief hiatus on the podcast. Not a boy band hiatus like One Direction, but a few months off to recharge and regroup. Also, Producer Jim was trying to become a lawyer and he traveled across the country for about a year in Internet time (maybe a few weeks, real time, give or take). In other words, the dungeon was off limits for the time being. I focused on original video and blogging while Sap focused on getting our Instagram account suspended. We always knew we would reunite for Season 2. It was a matter of when, not if.

So, long story short, we took our talents to the dungeon this past week and got the band back together.

Sometimes, a brief hiatus is actually needed to improve the product. That was the case here. It’s like we never left honestly. The chemistry is still there, folks. Our team is coming up with new ways to expand on the podcast so look for more content in the near future.

Without further ado, Season 2 of the Daily Mix Report Podcast. We discussed the Evil Genius, the Lil Tay saga, and our pathetic love lives on dating apps. Enjoy.

iTunes – Season 2: Evil Genius, Lil Tay, And Dating Apps. Subscribe, rate, and comment!

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