Memorial Day Weekend Hype Videos: Guidos In The Car And Tommy Cheeseballs

Hello Summer. We meet again.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, which means that Summer is finally here. After a Winter that lasted around 7 years, I can happily say it is 85 degrees outside. MDW is one of my favorite weekends of the years. Like a lot of you, I will be traveling to the Jersey Shore for the weekend. If you’re in the area, hit me up!

For the lucky ones who are off today, I envy you. For the rest of you stuck at work like myself, don’t jump out the window just yet. Channel your anticipation into watching two of my favorite videos of all-time that serve as the perfect hype videos for MDW.


Watching this video before going out on MDW is one of my favorite traditions. Electric is an understatement. These five guidos did not hold anything back. They are going to the Jersey Shore Capital of Guido Central, D’Jais. Expect a dark room, loud music, tank tops, bartenders fist pumping with bottles, and alcohol flying in the air. It’s a wild and unique time. However, I could write a 10 page paper on the main characters in the video.

The guy in the passenger seat is definitely the “cool guy” of the group. He’s probably calm and collected most of the time. One might call him a silent assassin. When his friends go buck wild on the dance floor, this guy will have a smile on his face as he half fist pumps to Josh Guru Project. When girls talk to him, he probably explains how, despite having crazy friends, he loves them anyway. Him putting on the Ed Hardy hat is like Clark Kent putting on a cape. Superman is ready for takeoff.

Who shot John F. Kennedy? Is Tupac still alive? Did the guy in the backseat ever meet up with Baby Blue? I would pay a good amount of money to figure out if he ever met up with Baby Blue. It’s a modern day telling of Romeo and Juliet. The bandana is such a preposterous move. I can’t get over it. If Prison Mike and Pauly D had a baby, it would be this guy.

The man who brings it all together is the driver. From his “WOAHHHHHHHHH” to his “I’M READY,” this guy’s drink of choice has to be a double Red Bull Vodka. He’s the leader of the group. The boys look to him to start a dance circle and talk to all of the girls. What makes this man a legend is his catchphrase towards the end. If this does not go on his tombstone, we riot.

“Gotta be smiling. Gotta be dancing. Gotta be shaking that ass.”

The real tragedy is that the original video was taken down. There is about 15 seconds missing in all of the versions on the Internet. I’ve seen the orginal so many times that I know for a fact this one is shorter. If anyone sends me the original video, I’ll do anything you want.

One of my favorite Tosh sketches.


The Legend of Tommy Cheeseballs

Before there was the Jersey Shore, there was Tommy “Cheeseballs” Perna. I would bet my life that this episode of True Life was the inspiration for the Jersey Shore television show.Tommy is in the Top 5 of MTV’s Greatest Reality stars ever. Everything he does is so genuine. There is no faking it. All he wanted to do was party with his friends and find love at the Jersey Shore. Is that so hard to ask? I’m cracking up watching this video again and I’ve seen it over 50 times. When he mentions that he brings his “woobie,” aka his baby blanket, it leaves me in tears. The sad part is that NO ONE knows where he is today. There are always death rumors about him that surface every so often. Tommy is a legend and deserves to be treated as one. If anyone knows where he is, please forward me his contact info. I need to have him on the podcast. For now, enjoy the whole episode below.

Have a great MDW.

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